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Travelling to foreign countries brings advantages or disadvantages for young, energetic adults?

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Nov 20, 2015   #1
Young people say that traveling to different countries benefits them and the society. Do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion.

The idea that traveling young generation abroad at the first glance may not seem to waste huge amount of money. Nevertheless traveling young adults to foreign countries can be benefit for themselves and their society. In this essay, I will explain why going to other countries can be useful for adolescences and their societies.

To begin with, communicating with foreign persons gives young adults a chance to know about their culture. Differences and similarities between some difference societies make young adults to think about geography, history and some religious and how these parameters can change people's lifestyle. Such these analyses may make young generation to have opened minded. What is more, by traveling to foreign countries, adolescences may visit how new technology improves others' economy and standard of living. Therefore, young generation try to follow some new business or habits. For example in developed countries, many new electrical devices are emerged to help people to have better life. Visiting people living in better condition encourages young people to apply some new technology which has not been in their own society.

In addition, some other countries has specific feature which gives huge amount of pleasure to young adults. When young adults come back to their countries, they have huge amount of energy to follow their work and study. Working and studying more seriously make high efficiency for society and individuals. For instance, in my country, many new graduate students and young employees travel to near countries during long holiday, because of long wonderful beaches which are not in my country.

In conclusion, going to foreign countries gives adolescences a chance to extend their ideas about life and some perspective of it. These new thought may develop their life and their society. Young adults may be impressed by new atmosphere of other counties, so they refresh hugely

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