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IELTS Writing Task 2 about the trend of buying things from famous brands

ClarkNg 1 / -  
Jun 8, 2021   #1
More and more people want to buy clothes, cars and other items with famous brands.

What are the reasons? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

An increasing number of individuals tend to purchase outfits, vehicles as well as distinctive things from well-known businesses. This essay will discuss about the causes of the fact and, from my perspective, the trend brings some drawbacks that worth considering.

To start with, the tendency of paying for globally recognized goods come from the internal values of the brands : the golden quality of their products and customer service. Customers will certainly acquire products that are made from stable and finest materials for long term using. Frequent updates on commodities' appearances and styles also motivate people to willingly spend their cash. The length of warranty for the items bought from worldwide companies is a competitive advantage compared to that from smaller brands. In addition, global enterprises' strategies of taking care of their clients make huge impacts on people's minds while considering where to obtain items from. Customers will be carefully served even before and after their purchase of the goods. For instance, surveys created by the businesses and completed by potential buyers let companies know what goods are the favorite and necessary ones so they can introduce to their consumers in time. Long after patronages shop the items, they will still receive calls to ask for their experience, further assistance if needed or to simply greet them on special occasions.

On the other hand; consuming commodities from popular brands shows some negatives. Local names with less budget, personnel and other resources to run professional services will find it extremely difficult to compete with worldwide companies and easily disappear from the economy which could lead to the monopoly of global businesses. People, relatively deeply affected by advertisements from dominant brands, can take part in a meaningless race of wasting money and time on unnecessary items to show off their assets and social ranks.

To sum up, the trend of acquiring goods from famous brands mainly start from their inherent merits of goods' quality and customer service. That brings some disadvantages that needs to be seriously evaluated by both govenrments and inhabitants to prevent potential consequenses.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,173 3638  
Jun 9, 2021   #2

Wrong reference term. The brand is connected with the manufacturer (correct term), not the business.

This essay will discuss

The requirement for this section relates tothe direct questions. These questions guide you in writing the topic paragraphs. Respond with direct answers, then expand the explanations in the essay. Use the questions to help make your paragraphs more discussion efficient.

the trend brings some drawbacks

Answer directly, you see this as a negative development. Use the question format for your response. Do not use response reference words that can alter the prompt such as drawbacks.

You have way too many reasons presented but not enough discussion development. So, the explanations do not really exist in a manner applicable to C + C requirements. 2 related reasons, based on a solid example utilizing the reasons would have been the more appropriate presentation based on scoring requirements for that question.

You did not respond to the question. This isn't a benefits or drawbacks discussion, that is a different prompt type. This is a negative or positive development discussion. While you provided a response, not all of it is related to the discussion instruction. You might not pass the test based on the failed scoring parts of this presentation.

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