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The trend of city dwellers living alone or in the nuclear family

yuhle3786 1 / -  
May 13, 2021   #1
topic title:
In many countries today, people in cities either live alone or in small family units, rather than in large family groups.

Is this a positive or negative trend?

Today, with the development of human society and technology, the trend of city dwellers living alone or in the nuclear family is unlike in the past. I strongly agree that there are both pros and cons to this trend in the contemporary world

on the one hand, we can see that the people who live alone without the help of other people tend to become more independent and develop a sense of responsibility at an early age. They may have the opportunity to improve some necessary soft skills especially when they apply in the big manufactures, for example, interpersonal skills, presentation,... Besides, the small family does not have the heavy financial burden and the breadwinner can bring home the bacon. Meanwhile, the mother may take care of their family problems and their children who need the parent's attention. If we live in an extended family, there will be a conflict between the old and young generation and the envy between the close relatives. Therefore, we can avoid them by living alone or in a nuclear family. Another privilege of the modern living way is that people will have a quieter zone to focus on their work or study. There is a lot of distraction when living in large families due to the disturbance from other relatives. Moreover, living alone or in a nuclear family will bring a quiet and non-disturbing environment to individuals. For example. most Korean students agree that they gain better productivity doing their school projects thanks to living alone.

On the other hand, this trend can lead to some bad effects. The side effect of this lifestyle is that it is difficult to find someone to share problems and confide in. It leads to the over-use of TV, Internet and discourages real interaction. As a result, people tend to have a feeling of isolation from society and causes an increase in the suicide rate.

In conclusion, while many people would likely prefer to live alone or in a small family, I believe that this trend may bring better influence in not only family but also society
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15043 4827  
May 14, 2021   #2
The discussion instruction is quite clear. Discuss a single point of view based on the opinion that you support. Respond with a single point of view choice based on; "Is this a positive or negative trend?" One response . One point of view supported by your response. Your incorrect answer to the question immediately faiIs in the T.A. section as there is no clear opinion provided based on the required discussion response format. The essay has already failed based on the T. A. considerations alone. When you are in doubt about how to respond to a particular question, ask for clarifications since you are still learning the essay response types. Don't just respond for the sake of responding. That is how most of these test takers fail the exam section in the actual setting.

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