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It is true that in the modern world, many couples decide to defer procreation

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Jul 21, 2021   #1

having children late in life

It is true that in the modern world, many couples decide to defer procreation. This is largely down to young couples' ambition in their careers and their desire for financial stability, which negatively impacts society and family life.

There are two reasons why a growing number of young people decide to delay their parenthood. Firstly, young people tend to put their career above family. Those who are ambitious devote their time and effort to work and make voluntary contributions to their companies. Meanwhile, childrearing that ties them down and restricts their freedom prevents them from pursuing their careers, so they delay giving birth. Secondly, newly-married couples want to have a stable income before giving birth. The cost of raising a child, such as healthcare services or food, is exorbitant, which transcends their meager income. Therefore, many couples are not ready to produce children when they are young and do not have enough savings to afford a better upbringing environment for their children.

Nothing good will result from late pregnancy. From the perspective of the family, deferring childbirth widens the generation gap. The generation gap prevents meaningful communication between members of the family. An aged father could find it difficult to talk with his teenage daughter, or older mothers are likely to be overly strict with their sons. Another justification is that age would make giving birth harder for women. It is harder for an aged mother to recuperate from the labor, or even worse, they might encounter greater risks of miscarriage. Children also might be prone to the Down syndrome, which retards their growth.

In conclusion, young couples delay pregnancy because of pursuing their careers and becoming financially stable. This trend causes severe consequences for both society and family life.
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When interpreting the original topic, it is best that the writer does not affirm anything that was not done in the same manner in the original. seen as a personal opinion, such truth validations are not scared nor considered by the examiner as these change the target topic of the original discussion. The writer will score better when he does not add any statement that can alter the first presentation targets.

The writer has a good presentation and sound reasoning. The ideas presented are supported with believable explanations for the most part. What the with lacks in the presentation is an ability to keep the cohesiveness of the discussion through the use of appropriate transition sentences. While transition words are ok to use for some essays, these words fail to preserve the relationship between ideas in a paragraph. A transition sentence is what ultimately delivers the better C + C score.

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