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Is it true that even not talented child can be taught to become a good sport athlete or musician?

huen 3 / 8  
Dec 9, 2020   #1

It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents like sport or music but others are not.

However, it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports person or musician. discuss both the views and give your own opinion. give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Nowadays,there are many views considering that some people are born with certain talents.
On the other hand, it is supposed that any child can be taught to become a good sport person or musician. I think these views reflect the fact in our life.

To begin with the first view, it is true that many people were born with their own talent that we might not have. It comes with the fact, since a person is an individual personality, it is not weird if there are some special ones and some are not.In particular, Beethoven was an extremely talented musician when he was 13 while there were many musicians who had to try day in and day out to get success. Even if we have the same appearance as twin brothers , It is not mean that we have the same in common. For example, In a family sister might have a completely different personality from her brother.

On the other hand, kids can be taught or practice to enhance their ability to be good at something that they are interested in. If people are trained and have their motivation and inspiration, they could significantly improve their skills.Besides, it is not true about some people who do not have talent, I truly believe that everyone of us possess a potential talent that we did not find out. As we can not appreciate a fish by how far it can run. For example, Leonardo DaVinci is a genius artist whereas Mozart is good at music.

In conclusion, there are many people think that someone might have talents and some might not. In my opinion, these views have its lack because I suppose that everyone has their own hidden talents and they are good at other aspects.

Pls help me with my essay, my english is not good. Btw hope you can give me my score in you viewpoint.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,263 3976  
Dec 9, 2020   #2
Please sign up for our premium review services or make the thread URGENT to get a score for your essay. Student scoring is not allowed so any student who scores an essay will find his account immediately suspended. So I do not advise that any student try to score an essay at this forum.

Your first paragraph, which is the prompt restatement is incorrect. It has to be composed of at least 4 sentences covering your own representation of the topic for discussion, the 2 discussion reasons, and the discussion instruction. None of these are reflected in your presentation. It is an improper thesis restatement.

Your are going against the discussion instructions. For this type of essay, you cannot use a singular point of view, as you have in your current presentation. Rather, you need a dual point of view discussion per paragraph using the following format:

Sentence 1: Public point of view (use third person references)
Sentence 2: Public point of view reason / explanation (using third person references)
Sentence 3: Transition sentence indicating a change in discussion points
Sentence 4: Your personal point of view
Sentence 5: Explanation supported by examples or justifications

Your essay is being written as a first timer. So I can understand your confusion when it comes to the final presentation and discussion method. It would be better if your reviewed the different discussion types and discussion presentation requirements before you try to write another practice essay. That way you will be better informed regarding the discussion presentation and parameters.
OP huen 3 / 8  
Dec 9, 2020   #3
tks for your advice, I will practice and use your recommend. This is my first time so I have to prepare many things ;-;

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