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I trust my government to take care of my life and climate change

Iris1312 1 / -  
May 14, 2020   #1

Climate change is a big problem

Government can not be expected to solve this problem. It is the responsibility of individuals to change their lifestyle to prevent further damage. What are your view?

Today, climate change is a big and remarkable issue for whole countries around the world. Someone believed that the duty of government is not worth considering. To exclude global warming, the responsibility belongs to each citizen. To me, I disagree with that idea. Government and citizen need to hand this issue together.

Initial, the government in each country reserves the climate change laws. Factory emissions laws are enacted to limit gases, smoke from industrial activities. Moreover, speeches, policies that are form to encourage people to be aware of climate change thoroughly. For instance, in England, after realizing the change of temperature and the air positively during quarantine time causing by COVID-19, English government hearten citizens up using bikes instead of car and motorcycle.

Further more, perception of each person makes up an essential part in preventing the getting warm of the earth. People in every countries comply with the rules everywhere even when in some countries that the government have not concerned timely yet. After listening to climate change statements and propaganda. These good ideas are ingrained in people's consciousness, thus in their small actions contain senses of excluding global warming.

If the responsibility of personals was not given prominence to prevent further damage, it would be clear that the duty of the government is not enough. In contrast, if the government did not do anything to forbid, to lead inhabitants, it would be great shortcomings of the government.

In conclusion, I would maintain that excluding global warming to reduce disaster in the future is both for the government and individuals function.

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