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[IELTS] The two main materials of making cement are limestone and clay

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Jul 14, 2014   #1
hi everyone, this is my 3rd post. and this time i write a task 1.
i was really appreciate your help last time. i am looking forward to your helpful feedback to this. tk you!

The given diagrams have clearly illustrate the steps involved in producing cement and concrete.

The first picture include various stages of cement development. Following this, it is in turn used to manufacture concrete which consist of fewer stages than the former.

Referring to the first diagram, the two main materials of making cement are limestone and clay. First of all, they are grounded in a crusher until becoming powder before being sent to a mixer. At the next stage, the mix of powder is heated by fire in a rotating heater. After that, a grinder is prepared to finish the process. Once the mix is grounded again, cement is created and packaged in bags.

Before using for building purposes, cement is transferred into concrete which comprises cement, sand, water and gravel. The combination contains 15 percent cement, 25 percent sand, ten percent water and a half is small stones. They are all put into a concrete mixer in order to be blended together. As mentioned above, this process is shorter than the previous, yet, it requires more elements.

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Jul 14, 2014   #2

I am studying for IELTS as well and I think that you should write a small conclusion. At least, in the writing reference on my IELTS book, it is explained that always you need a hook, a body and a conclusion.

hope it is useful :)
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Jul 14, 2014   #3
in my opinion there are 2 kinds of template: the first one is as you mentioned; the 2nd contain 4 part in which, conclusion and general statement in paragraph 2; otherwise, i think my task lacks of 1 overall sentence

anw, thanks for your help

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