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Two sides of debate - CBEST: Technology contribution to the modern life

jakepkdt 1 / -  
Mar 15, 2019   #1
English is not my mother's tongue. I failed CBEST so many times that I scare of it now. I think I will just practice all the prompts I found in the the internet.

Could anyone help me with this essay? Thank you guys in advance.!


Technology is very much a part of modern life

Many people see technology as a force that has escaped from human control. Others feel that technology has improved the quality of life. Do you think that the contribution technology has made to modern life has been positive or negative? State your position on this issue and support it with appropriate examples.

Current technology has skyrocketed immensely in the 21st century. There are numerous of new inventions varying from household uses, workplace, aviation, space, and much more. Although, the initial goal of these inventions is for human convenience, people begins to heavily rely on technology, making it an extreme necessity to every life. In my opinion, technology serves to enhance productivity and efficiency in our society and economy as well as protect and improve our quality of life. However, when it is created to only fulfill unproductiveness and desire for certain social statuses, it is negative. Essentially, technology can be both a positive and negative factor, depending on one's outlook of the motivation behind and ultimate outcome of certain inventions.

The rise of technology not only allows s0ciety and the economy to achieve efficiency and productivity, but it also contributes to human's knowledge about the world and scientific research. For example, when the Apollo 14 first landed on the moon, it marks one of the greatest achievement of humankind and opens up new experience and understanding of information beyond our planet. This would have not been possible without years of technological advancement and development. The landing also opens a new era of aerospace technology and proves the extraordinary minds of human. In this aspect, technology is an enormous benefit to science, contributing to the growth of human knowledge and research. Likewise, technology is also beneficial in regards to preserving energy use. For instance, since the invention of solar panel technology, a vast amount of solar energy has been saved and conserved. Hence, without a doubt, these kinds of technology not only improve research but also create a positive impact on daily life and usage.

On the contrary, even though the development of smartphones, computers, and laptops are remarkable devices to modern life, there are hidden adverse effects behind these claimed brilliant inventions as well. Since these devices hold multiple functions such as emailing, calling, texting, photographing, and social media; users rely on them in almost every task in daily life. As a result, it covertly isolates users from real social interactions. In other words, people are gradually losing their instinctive ability and behavior of conversing with others in person. Thus, people's dependence on technology to connect to the world and others in cyberspace has made them start to lose real human connectedness in the real world. Imperceptibly, devices like smartphones are the ones that own its user, not the other way around as it was designed. In this aspect, technology contributes negatively to modern life.

Undoubtedly, there are some cases that technology neither is positive nor negative. For instance, in the early 2016, Tesla introduces an autopilot vehicle that appears to be a giant step for the automotive industry. It creates a new perspective about what technology can do because the invention is against the belief that driving can only be done by a real life person. As a positive factor, it may alleviate the need for human operation, but it replaces human power and control. Putting this into perspective, imagine the next generation not knowing how to drive, and is completely dependent on vehicles that can autopilot. They would lose a skill that is very crucial in this era. In this sense, technology appears to be neither negative nor positive. In some aspect, humans have made an extreme advancement to transportation. However, without realizing it, humans are slowly losing their daily skills, such as driving, and eventually, makes us no longer in control of our actions.

As a result, there are always two sides to a debate, and the expansion of technology is not an exception. While scientists around the world are still working diligently to improve the quality of human life, this improvement unintentionally robs human of control of their lives. In essence, technology itself cannot be blamed because humans are the cause of it. Ultimately, it is how people utilize technology that defines whether it is positive or negative. When it is invented to merely improve human quality of life and scientific research, it is positive. However, when people rely heavily on technology and become enslaved to the usage of it, it then has negative effects.

Ekaputri17 6 / 12 7  
Mar 20, 2019   #2
hi @jakepkdt

This is my suggestion for your writing:
1.The technology serves to ... society and economy (I think productivity will be similar with productivity, so chose one of them. as well as protectio and and , so it ... of life a and well-being.

2. it is a negative (too short)

3. However, when it is created to ... Essentially, technology can be ... ( you need to succine the sentences with simply to mention what a negative and positive impact)

4. The rise advance of ... society and the economy to achieve efficiency and productivity better in ... also contributes to human's knowledge about the world and scientific research it is far more different with thesis statement.

5. Thus, people's dependence on technology to ... (circle opinion as you have already used in the previous sentence)

6. that can autopilot do. They would be deskilled lose a skill that is very crucial in this era and lose ...

7. technology appears ... nor positive circle opinion

8. However, without realizing it, ... of our actions.
circle opinion

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