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The ubiquitous fast-paced development in many technological areas

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Oct 16, 2016   #1
Ielts writing TASK 2 - Problems in grammar and words usage

Every kind of help in order to improve the essay and my overall writhing will be hugely appreciated

Nowadays, the results of the fast-paced development in many technological areas is ubiquitous. The recent upgrades in the computers and modems technology provide opportunities for nearly every worker to complete a huge percentage of their tasks and duties from their homes. In my opinion, this approach should be encourage, because of two main reason. First, it is less stressful for both employees and employers and second it just saves a lot of time.

Every worker knows how stressful and annoying can be to share an office with 50 or more people. The office environment provides so many distractions and it is much harder to concentrate on your work than In the home environment. When you work in home conditions, you are able to give yourself the mist suitable surrounding area for you needs. Moreover, there are not any people to distract you or burden your working experience. When you are in home, you can easily boost your productivity and in the same time diminish the stress, because of the absence of other people.

It is something completely ordinary to travel more than hour in order to reach your work place. To travel during the rush-hours is a serious problem for most of the employees in today's business environment. The amount of time wasted in the traffic jams is bigger than you actually think. It is scientifically proven that the average worker spends annually about 1000 hours in driving to their offices. Just imagine, if this time was used by the workers on their assignments. If the employees work in their own homes, they can easily save and reassign a lot of their time in more productive activities.

At the end of the day, I think working in home environment is less stressful and more efficient. It not only saves a lot of time, but furthermore helps the workers to be more concentrated and motivated on their assignments.

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