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'Understanding your child' - Essay about three things good parents do

Jasmine92 1 / -  
Oct 12, 2012   #1
This is my essay about Three things good parents do. I get stuck with the ideas and need help to fix it.

Every people always dreams of a happy family with obedient children, but not every child always follows the rules and listens to their parents. Some children are too stubborn to obey. I cannot deny that becoming parents is one of the significant things but it is also the most difficulty in their life. They cannot always have the right answers for their children in every situation. This makes them confused sometimes and do not know what good parents should do.

Children during adolescence need someone to listen to them especially their parents. That is the first thing good parents do to understand their child. You should be your children's friend instead of a strict mother or father. It will help you know their thoughts and what they want to help them make right decisions in life.

In addition, do not forget to let them know how much you love them and how important they are. That is the effective way to bring everybody in the family closer together. Sometimes, just the small things are to say I love you or to give them a tight hug can improve the relationship in a positive way.

Last thing that is equally important is let things happen naturally. If your child does not obey, you can warn them or give advice, but sometimes you should let them see the results from what they did in natural way. The stubborn children will not ever know the things that they did are right or not until they have the experiences about that. Therefore, do not try to forbid them quickly before they do not understand why they cannot do that. You should explain the reasons why those things are wrong and discuss the problem together.

That will make your children feel respected and be confident because they believe that their parents always do the best for them. Children cannot grow in the right way by themselves. They need guidance from their parents to help them become good people. They can make mistakes and break the rules, but if you keep trying to help them I sure they will make you proud in some day.

lucy123 5 / 9 2  
Oct 27, 2012   #2
The second thing is too short I think. Maybe you can add that parents should give their children more encouragement but not merely criticisms~

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