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"an unforgettable 3-day trip to the countryside" - Your last summer holiday.

It was an unforgettable 3-day trip to the countryside to visit my grandparents last summer holiday. My family decided to go by bike on this trip because we all wanted to enjoy the atmosphere there. As expected, the air was so great and clear. We felt very excited about this place. After having lunch at my grandparents' house, we took a short nap and made all preparation to go fishing with grandparents in the afternoon. The lake beside the house has many fishes and we had a joyful fishing and a lot of dishes cooked with in the evening. It was our first day.

On the second day, we got up early and drove bicycle around the village. The traffic was not heavy of course. We went along the small roads, had lunch under the shade of an old tree and saw the children play with kites in the afternoon. The wind made us feel relaxed and peaceful.

On the third day, dad and mom allowed my sister and I to help my grandparents with the works on the fields. The summer comes, either the harvest does. People are more busy to collect all corns and rices. We had a hard- working day. We went to sleep early and the village at night was so silent.

It was such a memorable travel of mine, we felt very happy during the after time of that summer, and all sorrow was disappeared!

Please feel free to give me some corrections. Thanks for all advices!
This is a short essay with about 15 sentences written "to describe your last summer holiday" with simple words and grammars.

I haven't visited EssayForum for a long time (to me) because I had some troubles and difficulties with my life in this period of time.

Finally I can come back till today.
I missed EssayForum very much (although I didn't have time to join with everyone a lot and had not so much memories but I could know exactly what I felt.)

I missed all of them: EF_Kevin, EF_Susan, amrosca, oscarlpf1, chatoyante, snowfairy10... my friends! , I remembered the discussion between us, the advices I was took and given, the effort we all tried to learn English better and the help of all people.

I am making a change with my life and ready for the change to better and better, the change that I accept, now, and everyday.

Happy to come back. :)

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