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Unisex educational institutions better than single-sex education?

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May 7, 2023   #1

Some think that children perform better in a single-sex school compared to a mixed school

It is argued that the performance of kids in same-sex schools is better than that of a general school. However, I completely agree that it is great for boys and girls to study at the same school for a variety of reasons.

When children of the same group study in a class may have some advantages. First and foremost, co-education is beneficial for kids to learn respect for the opposite sex at an early age. They can be educated to dismiss gender conceptions and differentiate between rude and chivalrous manners when interacting with their friends. For instance, boys may learn about gender equality, so they can take gallant actions towards girls in both schools and in society. Therefore, it can lead to a balanced society.

Another reason is that studying in a mixed-gender school could enhance the children's social skills. While others hold the belief that in a single-sex school, they can have a more relaxed environment as they do not have to worry about impressing the opposite gender. Despite its merit, I believe that this will limit their potential to understand the other gender's opinions. Co-education gives every child the opportunity to be in an environment that mirrors the real world. Hence, they will be more confident in expressing their views in a wide range of activities.

In conclusion, unisex educational institutions are far better than single-sex education since it fosters respect for one another and enhances social skills. For these reasons, it is advised that parents let their children attend school with students of the opposing gender.
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May 8, 2023   #2
The essay will receive word count percentage deductions because it fails to meet the 250 minimum word count by 10 words. That will have a huge effect on your preliminary score seeing as how that error will be deducted from the preliminary TA score. Next time, assure yourself of writing at least 250 words by either writing 5 lines of text or 5 sentences per paragraph.

However, I completely

It would have been more acceptable for you to indicate that you disagree with the previous statement. That way the sentence writing would have a natural flow to it and adhere to the C+C scoring considerations.

for a variety of reasons.

This does nothing to help clarify your personal opinion. It will lower your score. Next time, provide the 2 reasons that support your opinion and then indicate that you will be expanding on the reasons in the succeeding paragraphs. That will allow you to gain a higher TA score in relation to writer's opinion considerations.
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May 15, 2023   #3
Thank you so much for your comments.

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