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Many universities charge higher fees for foreign students. Why do they do this?

quynhanhvo 1 / -  
Aug 4, 2020   #1
Studying abroad is no longer strange for students, especially for those seeking a well-qualified school. One of the main concerns when considering an oversea university is perhaps its tuition fees. From my standpoint, tertiary schooling requires a higher fee from international learners due to several reasons and I think it is fair to do so.

Each and every school has its own rank of the tuition fee. Nonetheless, it is quite common that foreign students have to pay more when being admitted to a school. The first reason is related to the service they are served. Most of the pupils will prefer to choose a well-reputed university when deciding to study abroad and a higher payment is acceptable as they stand more chances of having access to a better education system from the curriculum to the lectures, library, doom, and so on. Another reason is that a higher fee means greater care. In a whole new country, students may find it hard to communicate or integrate with other due to language barriers and differences in culture, then it is the school's role to help them overcome these problems. For example, the first time coming to a Western country, students have not yet been used to the weather, the food, accommodation and teachers or staff will likely to bring them out of the dark, give them advice and they like the bridge to connect students with others. Schools also held responsible for monitoring and reporting to the government and ensure their security. Therefore, it is providing services and special care that force universities to increase the fee for foreign students.

Some people might say that international students have to deal with finance from accommodation and food, then higher fees sound unfair to them. Nonetheless, in my perspective, there is nothing unfair in the policy. First of all, it is due to the tax payment. As the residents have to pay a huge amount of tax which will later be used for building or renovating the university of that area or country, their offsprings, of course, have every right to get the privilege of lower tuition fees. Moreover, higher fees help schools control the numbers of foreign students enrolling for that school. If the price is the same regardless of the students' nation, there will be hardly any vacancy left for the local residents to enroll in their state's university especially the prestigious one. In such situation, the higher fees will streamline students which means only local students, those really talented with the scholarship or those with good finance can be accepted by the school. Lastly, studying abroad is much more costly than the domestic one, but there is a price to be. If students want the best education for a successful future, being charged with higher fees is not an issue to be concerned about. Hence it is justified for universities to require a bigger amount of money from foreign students, as they also just want the fair for their citizens.

From what has been mentioned above, we may draw the conclusion that there are severy reasons why international learners have to suffer from a greater fee than the local one, and it is pretty fair to implement such policy. It is predicted that, in the future, universities will try their best to ensure the benefits of both foreign students and the local ones.
ThuyPhan 1 / 2  
Aug 4, 2020   #2
I think ' From my perspective' is used more commonly than 'In my perspective'
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,224 3651  
Aug 4, 2020   #3
This is not an opinion essay, this is a research paper. The length is not in accordance with the Task 2 essay. A task 2 essay is presented within a 250-290 word requirement only. By writing 563 words, you have written an academic paper, not an opinion paper. You seem to have forgotten that there is a 40 minute time limit in writing this essay. So you have to keep it short but clear in terms of discussion points. 25 sentences maximum, 4 paragraphs long, 5 sentences per paragraph. This is not a research paper so do not treat it as such.

You have to learn to say more with less English words. That is what the test is all about, your ability to quickly and clearly express yourself in English. At this point, the essay is good, but over discussed. You would run out of time to finish your essay during the actual test if you wrote this length. While the essay that you wrote is very clear and easy to follow, there is still a problem existing when one considers that your essay is not really a balanced mix of simple and complex sentences.

Learn how to keep the essay short. Focus on targeted content writing, not extended discussion presentations. Your inability to write clearly and quickly could result in a scoring problem for you down the road.

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