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Universities can control the number of seats in the different subjects

ny14 1 / -  
Jun 12, 2018   #1
Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject

the allocation of seats at the university based on sex

Both men and women are main wheels of country's carriage, both of them move forward country's development, according to their potential. males and females both consist of distinct abilities which distinguish their generosity like female have the power of reproduction and males have more physical strength. according to their generosity, they have quite a few difference between their way of living, interests, and activities. I am not able to support curriculum which divides the number of seats equally in each subject according to gender. there are the explanations which strength my position.

Firstly when it comes to enrolling in universities, students select subjects according to interests.In most of the subjects like computer science , arts and electrical and electronic engineering ratio of the number of male and female student persistent. but there are few subjects like gynecology, obstetrics which devoted to gestation and childbirth are firmly occupied by female students and another side subject mechanical engineering demands physical strength is prominent by males. so If university curriculum follow rigid model which is the equal disturbing number of seats according to their gender, there would be a possibility that there would be vacated seats of specific gender while brighothers bright and qualified students are not able to enroll in the desired subject due to this pattern, for example in any university total 30 number of seats equally distributed among girls and boys but girls are not interested to select mechincal and according to calculation there should be 30 graduate from mechanical department but due to abesence of girl students, leads to scarcity of number of employees in specifc field which adversly effects the country 's developement .

So sum up my point, a university can control the number of seats in the different subjects according to their resources like academic facilities, laboratories, not the pattern of gender equality in each subject. Rather a university should conduct counseling at the time of admission which provides succinct knowledge about the course. so according to their potential, qualifications, interests, a student can select the course.
jalp 13 / 34 7  
Jun 13, 2018   #2
You shouls include the complete prompt of this essay.

distinguish their generosity
I do not understand how generosity is connected to the entire paragraph.

I think you need to improve first your grammar and vocabulary, then everything will follow.
This essay will not get a good grade from the reader.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,289 3984  
Jun 13, 2018   #3
Diksha, while the approach that you took to writing this essay is one of the many possible methods of responding to the given prompt, I believe that, and my students who have passed the IELTS with the highest marks can attest to this, when you discuss an extent essay, your reasoning within the thesis will be better served by a direct, one sided response to the given prompt which is: To what extent do you agree or disagree with the above statement?

Being an "emotional" response essay, it is always best to respond with an emotional answer as well. Such emotional answers could be:

I am in full / total agreement/disagreement
I partially agree/disagree
I am inclined to strongly support / not support...

along with other variations thereof. The reason why, in my opinion, it is best to approach the essay in this manner is because you need to properly set up your discussion while giving the examiner a direct response to the question. If you use the term "partially" or a synonym of the word, then you can discuss both points of view in the essay. If you go for a singular point of view, that would be even better for your score.

Now, I will admit that your line of reasoning is well and good for the prompt that was provided. It is just too wordy in presentation. You only have to present 5 paragraphs composed of 3-5 sentences to work with. That means, writing a minimum of 250 words, no more than 300 as far as I am concerned because you need to save some time for editing your work.

You tend to write very long sentences. These sentences, from my point of view are mostly run-on sentences. Keep it short and focused. Present a topic sentence at the start of every paragraph and discuss only that topic in that paragraph. Don't get so confused that you try to turn a discussion into a debate. Be aware of your sentence structure and punctuation problems. Remember that all first words of sentences must be capitalized. All words after a period are capitalized.

Work on your grammar as well. Try to do more grammar exercises to help you learn how to develop proper English sentence structures. Fill in the blanks exercises with multiple choice answers will serve you well in terms of grammar exercises and vocabulary development.

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