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University Education- Cause and Effect Essay

mnkorkmaz 1 / -  
Jan 14, 2013   #1
Education system is getting more importance by day by. Therefore students have to enter rhe university in order to work in a good job. When they win the university, they leave their family and they start to face some handicaps so entiring university has several important effects on students' lives such as; a good life experiences, more social life and a good job.

The first crucial effect of entiring university is life experince which is the most valuable thing. At first, most universities want students to succed in education. However, classroom is'nt only place to study. Universities doesn't notice that. Think about the students who are far away from family, they have to learn bounden lesson of life. In addition, when they isolate from the other people because of that students can't always get on well with people around them.They can catch opportunity in order to develop their qualification, such as mental and spiritual. In conclusion, students experience can be affacted perfectly in the future life.

Another important effect is that university students would like to be a social person, so they join some clubs which are about their interest. In addition, some universities have exchange programme to meet with some students from different cultures. Thanks to this condition they are developing their linguistic ability. For example,if you want to learn French, you can practise with french student which live in dormitory. Lastly, since they have lots of time after the exams they can do whatever they want. In brief, entering university effects the students' social lives.

Having a well paid job is also well known effect of entering university. Namely in the past, students who greduate from high school could find a job .On the other hand, Recently the university has effected come into prominence. Namely when they go to a good department they can acquire job with good salary. Moreover, they can work for both goverment and priviate sector. Additionaly, Universities provide apprenticeship their students to learn work life. To sum up entering universities is a way of have a good job.

Consequently, entering university has a few effects. After taking part in a univesity, students have some benefical effects. The integral effects are that they can get a life experience,social life and good job.
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Jan 14, 2013   #2
Hai mehmet...

You are trying to express some ideas but it is confusing me...
:face some handicaps...?
:win the university: do you mean pass the university..?
:qualifications such as mental and physical.: ?: is it quality..?

Please put complete questions..
Read...read...read...more essays...
To read more one same topic You can use the link whish is under the similar discussions..

All the best..

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