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What should a university offer? The main role of higher education.

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Jan 22, 2022   #1

What should a university offer?

When it comes to the main role of higher education, opinion is divided as to whether a college should concentrate on providing their students with useful knowledge and practical skills for their later jobs, or offering courses that best benefits the university. While I understand the reason of the former idea, I agree to a certain extent with the latter point of view.

On one hand, colleges cannot offer all the necessary qualities to a specific jobs. Usually, requirements for different jobs are not the same. Not to mention that there are skills that cannot be learned at school but rather by real experience. Therefore, in the scale of a university, general knowledge should be prioritized. For students, instead of relying on what available at college, studetns should research more on their desired job and train themselves to fix their jobs.

On the other hand, it is a college's responsiblity to equip their students with what employers look for. First of all, teaching job-related knowledge and skills increases the chance a student working in the field of their major at college. It is true that due to the lack of knowledge and skills, many students fail the struggle to find a job. Such students then have to take up a job that are not related to their major and usually low-paying to supply themselves. Secondly, with enough knowledge and skills, students can find a job as soon as their graduation. To be specific, useful knowledge and skills gained in college years can help students impress employers and thus they are more likely to land a job. Plus, these essential knowledge and skills make students more easily addapt to the working environment and increase their productivity. Not to mention the fact that students do not have to waste time to be trained to get used to the vacancy.

To conclude, universities should create courses providing students with what they need for their future career.
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Jan 22, 2022   #2
I agree to a certain extent with the latter point of view.

This is an empty response that does not offer an actual degree of agreement with the previous topic. In order for this response to be given a proper TA score, based on opinion clarity, the writer should state instead; "I agree with this opinion to the extent that (reason 1) and (reason 2). Doing so indicates an actual opinion rather than a vague reference that does not offer a measured response to the question.

The reasoning for this essay does not support the correct single opinion presentation of the writer. The essay directly asks for a single defense of the writer's opinion. So the best way to prove the writer's opinion as correct would be to take an opinion that appears to be false then turn it around and show why it is a positive instead. Remember that the idea is to show the extent of the validity of the writer's opinion. In a spoken debate, this would be done by disproving the opposing side's opinion. Since this is a written debate, the same rules apply.

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