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Unlimited Golden Stars- MIT essay

tdshah1 5 / 8 4  
Aug 19, 2014   #1
I am looking for overall feedback on content and structure and if my logic/sentences make sense.

Tell us about the most significant challenge you've faced or something important that didn't go according to plan. How did you manage the situation?(200-250 words)

Writing research papers has come fairly easily to me, so it wasn't until this challenge of writing college essays that I was truly forced to discover myself. I've grabbed a handle of the situation by doing something my 2nd grade teacher would give me unlimited golden stars for: rereading.

I'd never thought about a specific vision for a career path until I came across an essay topic asking me to recount how a specific life experience has led me to think about my future goals. After rereading the question countless times, I figured the life experience I could talk about was the volunteering/shadowing I have done since freshman year in the hospital ICU and ER.

My activities, interest survey results, and coursework indicate my strong drive for computer science. However, CS being as broad as it is, I've realized I need to narrow down the variety of career opportunities to something unique to me. The idea of incorporating healthcare became a forging reality as I discovered several possible entryways of interest: writing software for analysis of medical research data, development of new imaging systems.

I handled the challenge by embracing it; I tackled the prompt's demands while at the same time realizing how I could incorporate my volunteer work with my defined interest in computer science. After all, academic endeavors should be pursued ideally not for a personal satisfaction but for the good they will do others.

Anouar 12 / 35  
Aug 20, 2014   #2
Writing research papers has come fairly easily easy

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