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The urban dwellers tend to live in the nuclear family nowadays

wyzbui 2 / 5 2  
Jul 4, 2019   #1

better the large family or not?

Topic: In many countries today, people in cites either live alone or in small family units, rather than in large family groups. Is this positive or negative trend?

The issue whether the urban dwellers tend to live in the nuclear family still remains debatable. Some people hold the belief that living in the extended family is the most effective method to tighten up families' relationship. Other skeptics claim that it has negative impacts on the economy budget. In my point of view, this phenomenon has both positive and negative consequences in equal measure.

On the one hand, there is an increasingly tendency for inhabitants to live in the nuclear family or even live alone. So what is the reason of this issue? There are several advantages of living in small family. From an economic perspective, living in the nuclear family can be seen as the way to save numerous amount of money for the owners. With the labour market becoming increasingly competitive, it is far from easy to find a well-pay occupation, hence saving money plays a crucial role in our daily life. Moreover, the habit of living in large family groups may lead to thousands of problems between the elderly and the young. Normally, the older often keep the negative views about the modern lifestyle of youngster, which results in having misunderstood with each others. For the young, they may have the sense of lacking of the connection with their families' members.

On the other hand, the way of living in large family groups also has a variety of benefits. With people becoming much busier and lacking of care for their children, their parents could take care of their kids instead. Having much time spent on works, people may found it comfortable to concentrate on their works. Equally important, if you lived in the extended family, it would be much better in the household works perspective. There is a need to share housework when people live under the same roof in large family. Some humans struggle to do housework or with who have little or no time at all, living in the extended family would due to the emancipation of housework's burdens.

All things considered, each idea has its own validity. However, how to select one of them is as hard as the chicken and eggs questions. Our mission is to combine one of them to create a comprehensive environment.

If my essay has any mistakes about grammar, vocabulary, idea. Please do not hesitate to tell.
I'm looking forward to receiving your ideas.

sensen 1 / 1  
Jul 4, 2019   #2
I think you should point out merits of both type of family in first para then drawbacks in the second because ''Moreover... members'' does not relevant yo the previous points
OP wyzbui 2 / 5 2  
Jul 5, 2019   #3
thank a lot for your comment, this is the first time i have written my essay followed the both sides, anyway i will fix it.

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