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The use of mobile phone is as antisocial as smoking. Mobile phone should be banned like smoking?

zanjan2010 1 / 2  
Jul 2, 2020   #1

Mobile phones addictive and antisocial?

Smoking is considered as an anti-human action because of the worst effects, it has in every aspect of our life. The same thought exists for using a cell phone. There is a growing trend which is supporting the idea of banning cell phone usage in critical locations the same as what happened for smoking. I strongly share the same opinion because it ruins human rights and is a major distractor on certain occasions.

People often complain that they had been annoyed by the others who have used their cell phones in public places. This behavior is not accepted in public and is against human rights. It will cause physical and psychological impacts on people. Signals which is transmitted by cell phones have destructive effects on our body. The possibility of being affected by brain cancer increased immensely when a large crowd of people uses their cell phones in public places. On the other hand, phone alarms and notification sounds are a serious disturbance factor that threatens social health. Anxiety and stress levels will raise highly by distractions.

Individually speaking, using cell phones in certain places and occasions has brought the main disadvantages. In workplaces, the staff has spent a significant amount of time with their cell phones which decreased productivity. It takes a considerable amount of time to focus on a piece of work when employees get distracted by a phone call or answering a message. The other case which is more dangerous is using a cell phone while driving. A large portion of car crashes has been happened during using a cell phone for teenagers. There are lots of other reasons playing a huge role in convincing governments for banning cell phone usage.

In conclusion, smartphones have their own unique benefits and expected to ease human life. However, there is a risk of being addicted to their usage. Strict legislations are required to prevent disadvantages and merit their benefits.

Waterloop 6 / 17  
Jul 2, 2020   #2
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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,321 3353  
Jul 2, 2020   #3
While your response is correct, your reasoning paragraph could have been better. When asked to give an extent response, the reasoning paragraphs always score better when you follow the format below:

Reasoning 1: General opinion discussion that integrates a personal opinion
Reasoning 2: Supporting example discussion based upon your personal experience and/or knowledge

By using the above format, your essay provides a clear discussion that balances the public and personal point of view. The personal example in support of your opinion helps to add clarity & cohesiveness to your presentation.

While the essay does have several grammatical errors, these do not hamper the understanding of your explanation. However, you need to use a uniform time reference point. For this essay, you should be using the present tense reference as you are discussing events as you know it to be happening in real time.

The conclusion requires more appropriate information. That means, you have to restate the topic, your reasons, and the degree of your dis/agreement as a recap of the discussion.

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