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Why do we use Smartphones?

wealthy life 1 / -  
Dec 3, 2012   #1


Every morning Ahmed turns on his smartphone before he even gets out of bed.First he checks his email.Then, he texts his friends to find out what they are doing.He carries his smartphone with him wherever he goes.Do you think are they a lot of people do what Ahmed does ?

Smartphone has gained considerable popularity in the world.But before you to know why,you have to know "what does Smartphone mean ?".
The smartphone is a mobile phone, built on a mobile operating system, with more advanced computing.

Smartphone is very popular for many reasons.One reason is people are social,so they want to be connected to their friends and family by Smartphone.Another reason is smartphone has a lot of features.For example:you can read newspaper or e-book,watch TV,and play games.The third reason is the smartphone can personalize you.You can choose the color your phone's cover and its ring tone.

Who use smartphone ? Smartphones first became popular with businesspeople,soon smartphones became with adults then with teenagers.

So do you understand why Ahmed use it everyday and wherever he goes ? I think the answer is yes.And my advice for you is :"buy smartphone for you now".

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,517 2961  
Mar 20, 2017   #2
Raghad, I am not sure what the point of your essay is. The anecdote that you shared does not help to explain the point of the essay that you are writing. While your title is "Why Do We Use Smartphone?" There is no accurate representation of why people have to do the activities that you mentioned on the phone when they can do it on their laptop or PC as well. Your paragraphs are not developed enough to represent and actual explanation of the importance of using smartphones. Your line of reasoning must have been better defended using personal experience, opinions, or other explanatory / exemplification discussions. The reason your essay is weak is because it does not have a properly developed thesis statement representing it. The anecdote doesn't really stress the point of discussion and your actual discussions lack focus and deeper meaning in terms of delivering the supposed message of the essay. When you ask "Who use smartphone?" The next question should have been, "Why do they use a smartphone?" Since that is your given essay title, it should have been represented in the discussion paragraphs.
ERIC SUNG 3 / 5  
Mar 20, 2017   #3
You did not point out your statement clearly in the first paragraph, and what is the purpose you write this article?
What's more, Who use the smartphone ? I expect you will analyze or compare people in different ages, but you just say nothing.

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