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ielts essay - Useing animals for the benefit of the human beings

xinyuqingxin 4 / 3  
Jun 1, 2009   #1
Some people think it is acceptable to use animals for the benefit of the human beings. Some people think it is wrong to exploit animals for the human purposes. What is your opinion?

With the rapid development of the standard of people's life, increasing numbers of animal experiments are done, new medicines and foods, for instance. Some opponents says that it is cruel to animals and nature, however, I believe that no sensible person will deny that it is a dramatically cruel activity to humanity if the latest foods or medicines are allowed to sold without testing on animals. In my essay, I will discuss this issue from twofold aspects.

First of all, as we all know, animals are friendly and vital for people, because if there are no animals in the world, the balance of nature will broke down, and we, human, will die out as well. The animal experiments accelerate the vanishing of some categories of animals. In other words, doing this various testing is a hazard of human's future and next generation.

Though animal experiments have negative impact on the natural balance, it is necessary to make sure that people can live a long life. To begin with, it is indisputable that every new kind food or pill may be noxious, and scientists must do something to insure that the new invention benefits people instead of making people ill or even dying. The new foods or medicines are invented to promote the quantity of human's life. Thus even if they are volunteers; they cannot take the place of animals to test the new foods or medicines. Furthermore, it also have potentially harm for human's health without any testing.

To sum up, I reaffirm that although there is some disadvantages of animals' profits, the merits of animal experiments still outweigh the demerits.

EF_Sean 6 / 3,534  
Jun 1, 2009   #2
i think that is an interesting topic. Good luck. (Do you see how annoying and unhelpful that is?)
EF_Simone 2 / 2,010  
Jun 1, 2009   #3
Experimenting on humans would bring even more benefits, since animals' bodies are so very different than ours. (That's why so many drugs deemed safe after testing on animals end up killing people.) Why not allow scientists to experiment on orphaned human babies or on prisoners? You've not explained why it is acceptable to experiment on one class of sentient living being but not on another. You've assumed the very thing you need to prove, that it is acceptable to do to animals something that it would be unacceptable to do to humans.
EF_Sean 6 / 3,534  
Jun 2, 2009   #4
Simone makes an excellent point -- you haven't presented any compelling arguments for your thesis. Making your case shouldn't be too difficult, though. We value humans more than other animals because we are human, and not some other species. Thus, given a choice between causing animal suffering and causing human suffering, we choose to do the former, out of loyalty to our own species. This is something that most people understand instinctively, and why, for instance, in a situation where one had to choose between saving a dog from a burning building or saving a person, one would choose the person (and would probably face criminal charges otherwise).

To put it in Simone's terms, it is more acceptable to experiment on a class of beings that you are not in than it is to experiment on a class of beings you are in, because ethical responsibility increases with kinship proximity. Helping out your father if he falls on hard times isn't so much admirable as expected. Helping out a cousin or close friend is more admirable, but still somewhat of a clear ethical duty. Helping out an acquaintance or complete stranger, though, is generally viewed with much more admiration, because no obligation to do so existed.

Trying to make a more specific distinction between animals and humans is probably a waste of time. For one thing, the difference between animals and humans varies dramatically depending on what species you look at. For another, it would take far more time than you would have on this sort of essay. Also, most people already understand the difference on a deep, emotional level, and don't need it explaining further. After all, the difference is what gives us the ability to conduct the tests on them in first place.

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