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Ielts task 2 _ using alternative medicines and treatments instead of visiting their normal doctor

hoaflth 1 / -  
Jan 2, 2023   #1
Nowadays, an increasing number of people with health problems are using alternative medicines and treatments instead of visiting their normal doctor.

Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

In recent years, it has become far more normal for people with health problems not to visit their normal doctor as much as use alternative medicines and treatments. In my opinion, this trend has brought both benefits and drawbacks.

The trend toward using medicines or kinds of cure is gaining in the light of several factors, chief of which is convenience and speed of solving health issues. Patients can look for information about their health problems and treatments on the Internet without wasting time, money to hospitals or clinics. For instance, only by clicking and tapping on the electronic devices, numerous results about health issues will be displayed, people easily find and choose suitable remedies and treatments. Furthermore, this is likely to make people become more active in following and swiftly solving their health issues.

Besides the aforementioned advantages, I do believe that the rising popularity of using alternative medicines and cures rather than visiting doctors also has negative things. When patients go to hospital or private clinics, they can receive good professional advice from their doctor. If people find out about treatments by themselves or use functional products, they will be able to face up to risk. By contrast, there is hardly any risk in doctor's prescriptions. The quality of human's health will drop when myriad people with health issues who don't have major knowledge use alternative medicines and treatments by themselves.

In short, the increase of people who have health problems using alternative medicines and treatments instead of going to clinics is not totally positive or negative.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15048 4830  
Jan 3, 2023   #2
The writer was on point with his topic rewording. It was close to the ouginal even though the sentence structure is incorrect. Never combine 2 sets of information in one sentence. That is definitely a deduction point. Then, the writer did not provide a clear single opinion for the presentation. Since the option given for the discussion was "or", it is a single opinion indicator. He may only discuss both options in response to a comparative writing instruction such as "discuss both views". As the actual prompt question was not properly responded to, the writer will be given a score based upon an unclear opinion.

Partial scores will then be provided throughout because of the incorrect response format. A situation that will prevent the essay from possibly receiving a passing score. This is because the writer has shown evidence of poor English comprehension skills based upon the way he misunderstood and wrongly responded to the prompt question.

These are worrisome reasons that require immediate attention. While his discussions are acceptable, there were not applicable to the discussion format. Familiarization with Task 2 writing prompts in necessary.
Sunny0629 3 / 5 1  
Jan 7, 2023   #3
I didn't find any grammatical mistakes in your paper. Great!
Your section structure is reasonable, but it should be noted that informal acronym like 'don't' are not accepted in academic papers such as IELTS writing. You can change it to 'do not'.

I hope my answer will be helpful to you. Have a nice day!

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