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Using the power - the benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages

Ann_Ng 4 / 8  
Jul 28, 2019   #1
The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace but nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

more energy is needed

Along with the superior high-tech industry of the current world, it requires much more energy to maintain all the system than ever before. While the natural energy is having signs of exhausion, the advert of nuclear power seems to be optimal solution for this catastrophe. This essay will give some specific reasons to answer for the question how effective the nuclear power is.

Firstly and foremost, the amount of energy released in a nuclear fission reaction is ten million times further than the amount released in the other natural energy sources like coal or gas. This abundant energy source will meet the energy demand of the world today. Secondly, nuclear power is very cheap compared to the other energy sources, the amount of money on building nuclear power plant takes less than the other energy factories, because it does not demand too much acreage. One more important reason to make the nuclear power is considered as well as the most valuable energy recently is clean, very clean, it does not have much bad impact on our environment as the others have really done. This thing helps us save a fresh atmosphere for the next generations and maintain our good health at this our time.

However, everything has both sides of it, radioactive waste can possess a threat to the environment and is really dangerous to human. Radiation infected people can get some kinds of cancer, genetic modifying or fetal toxicity causing ... We can remember to the two traumatic historical events which are concerned to nuclear power, Chenobyl disater on 26 April 1986 in Ukraina and The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster on 26 March 2011 in Japan, both of them have been leaving the aftermaths until now.

All in all, I have a great inclination on the advandtages which are gained by using nuclear power rather than the harmful things causing of it.
Cay nho 3 / 6  
Jul 28, 2019   #2
In the introduction, I hope you should talk more clearly do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages not just talk about how effective the nuclear power is

Grammar error: maintains our good health
I hope you should replace we our into people their makes the essay more academic
Maria - / 1,099 389  
Jul 29, 2019   #3
Hello there! I hope to provide you with writing feedback that would be beneficial for your writing endeavors in the long-run.

First and foremost, I think that you should make smaller chunks of text as opposed to heavy sentences. Doing this will improve your clarity of language. This is not to say that you should omit all of your complex sentences - rather, it should all be balanced all throughout your writing. If you do this, you'll be able to create a more creative outlook to the essay.

Try to omit the usage of filler words as well. If you do this, you'll improve your text all throughout as you'll enhance the perception of the text.
OP Ann_Ng 4 / 8  
Aug 2, 2019   #4
@Maria thanks for your comment
@Cay nho thank you

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