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Variety and exploring new ideas by people is spice of life

variation is the only thing which makes life interesting and worth living. Life needs constant variation without it life becomes boring and stagnant. New innovations, technologies and knowledge are the ingrediants of variety. Experiancing new ideas and innovations broaden one's vision and increase efficiency. When a person will have new ideas. He will also make them part of his life and try to avail benefits from them.

For example a person want to bring some change in his life then the first of all he will adopt new fashion. People get bored of same trends in fashion and search for new trends in fashion. This attitude effects the designer's business that is why they always try to introduce new ideas regarding fashion to get the attention of people. Same case is with education sector. Till a school introduces new education trends, people dmit their childern in that school. When a new school opens with new education trends then people attract towards that school.

It is the common human behaviour that they always attract towards new things and these innovations emerge from exploring things. If people stop exploring the ideas then life will become stagnant and no thrill and excitment will remain in life.

Jul 5, 2012   #2
For example when a person want to bring some changes into his life then the first of allthing he willdoes is to adopt new a fashion.

What do you mean by adopting new fasoin?
Jul 5, 2012   #4
Ok, then say ; For example, we often get bored with the same style of dressing and therefore we quickly move into new trends and fasions.

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