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IELTS : Vegetarianism - why some people are choosing to become vegetarian?

an increasing number of people are turning to vegetarianism. some belive that people are following a vegetarian diet for reasons other than animal rights issues

do you agree with this?
give reasons why some people are choosing to become vegetarian

Since the dawn of time, human has considered meat as a fundamental protein sources. Meat has served as the main dish in almost every family's meals all around the world. Recent years, however, has seen a rapid increase in the number of vegetarians. Some people claim that this is brought about by the care for animal rights issue, others think it is much beyond that. It is clear to me that people avoid eating meat mostly for the sake of their health and relegious aspect.

Firstly, health improvement is the main reason for vegetarian diet to become so popular. Many researchers have convinced that many kinds of vegetable contain antioxydant which can prevent cancer. This fortifies the fact that a vegetable diet can do good for our health. Although some argue that a meal without meat can lead to a lack of protein intake, it is proved that many kinds of bean such as soy bean or pea are also comparable protein sources.

Secondy, relegious beliefs also contributes to a vegetarian diet. Some religion, such as Buddha, believes that animals were human being in their previous life, so eating their meat mean you eat the flesh of your parent sentient beings. It is often said that this view is rather unscientific [i'm not sure what is the best adj to use T^T]; however, i am convinced that it is vital to follow one's own religious practices which can bring the enlightenment in mind.

To sum up, it is evident for me that people choose to become vegetarians for health and religious concern rather than the benefits of animals. However, a meal which is nutritionally balanced is always most recommended.

P/s: could you give me some phrase that can replace vegetarian diet cause i think i used this phrase so many times T^T thank a lots

Maybe consider adding to the idea of vegetarianism for health reasons. Yes, vegetables are awesome and have a lot of good stuff in them! But I think another huge reason why people aren't eating as much meat is because of the mystery of what the meat might contain chemical/hormone-wise. Personally, I know tons of people who don't eat meat because the packaging doesn't disclose what kinds of hormones, additives, preservatives, and/or antibiotics the meat may have been treated with. Additionally, tons of meats are dyed to look more appealing in the grocery store, which is unknown to a lot of people.

Anyway, maybe add something more in depth about it. It might help you out a little. :)
Thank katier577 , i planned to mention that issue too but do not know what to call chemical/hormone-wise. hormones, additives, preservatives, and/or antibiotics . You helped me with that :3
Veganism is different from vegetarianism, though. Vegan generally means that a person's diet doesn't include meat OR any animal by products such as eggs, milk, butter, etc.
May 30, 2014   #8

Religious? maybe this is just your typo :)

Secondy, relegious beliefs also contributescontribute to a vegetarian diet. Some religions , such as Buddha, believes that animals

Besides these typos, your para is well written :) I love your vocab and idea :) you can use unfounded for unscientific I think?
Jun 7, 2014   #9
Meat has been served as the main dish in almost every family's meals all around the world.

This is not quite so true as there were and still are many communities that consist of very strict vegetarians. Hindus, Jains and even Buddhists abstain from consuming meat. This was quite common in the past, but due to globalization effects, may be the numbers are on the decline. So, you need to be careful when you make general statements that apply to everybody. You could have said;

Meat has been served as one of the main dishes in a meal in many parts of the worlds. ... always keep an allowance for the odds :)

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