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Vietnamese iconic festival dish

autumnwave 11 / 35  
Oct 31, 2010   #1
I would like to introduce with you about New year rice cake (bánh Tét) as Vietnamese iconic festival dish.

Vietnam was influenced by China (about 1000 years ). China conquer Vietnam from BC to 938. Many cakes in Vietnam are considered getting from China, but there is no evidence to prove that Bánh Tét have source from China. And the author said that Bánh Tét is like Vietnamese identity symbol. Because New year rice cake in Vietnam (banh Tét) sourced from "banh chung" like the following legend. That meant it appearing before China conquered Vietnam. Additional, bánh Tét could preserve from spoiling in long time. Besides, bánh Tét is durable and transportable. Thus, it was close with Vietnamese in times of trouble and war. Because When they took part in war, they hid the rice cakes in their wells. Moreover, Bánh Tét made from stick-rice, green been and port fat. They were representative of Vietnam's agriculture. And in the end, banh Tet was sticky, and it's difficult to separate from each other. For this reason, Vietnamese believed that Banh Tet had standed for solidarity of Viet Nam

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