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Personal Vision of an Ideal Company

succatwriting 1 / 1  
Mar 19, 2020   #1

what makes a company supposedly ideal?

A company is an organization, which means that it is a group of people working together through systematical structure of commands to achieve goals that a single man's work power would never be capable to do so. As it is an organization, purposes and goals are essentials for the whole body to run smoothly. A company is an organization to the society, but what kind of roles does a company have to the government, to the economy, to the consumers, or even, to the employees of its own? This essay will outline through my points of view on what makes a company supposedly ideal, which includes what kind of purposes and goals should a company have, methods in which a company would want to achieve its goals, what kind of roles it should have to the stakeholders and how aware they are to problems that many corporate companies are often pertained to.

First of all, an ideal company's goals and targets, may it be long-term or short-term, must be able to assure that it will not be a one-sided advantage to the company in any way. It should be caring to the community and the society from which the company is being built on. It can be done by preserving the environment, holding events to donate and give back to the people. Its goals and targets must also be clear enough to all the stakeholders, especially the people inside the company to motivate them to work towards the same goal, increasing the efficiency of their work.

Secondly, the next most important factor of an ideal company for me is how they are planning to realize their visions and goals. A lot of corporations use back-handed methods and cheap tricks to earn profits and get away from corporate crimes such as scapegoating, blackmail, money-laundering, corruptions and tax evasion. A lot of times, companies sacrifice few of its employees and blame them for crimes that they might not even be guilty of. Most of the time, not many of people would want to work in such a shady company, but even then, there were still lots of people who are due to their circumstances, would want to make such compromises. If I am to become an employee in the ideal company that I envision, I wish for that company to be one that I can be proud of, that is fair in all of its actions and decisions, that are based on their principles, goals, and purposes.

Thirdly is how an ideal company should play their roles to the stakeholders. I believe that when a company has an upper-hand in negotiations with other stakeholders, it is a success of its own, and not as an indicator whether a company is bad or not. One should play their cards well, and reap the benefits. However, there are limits to which a company would be called successful or to be called a predator to their customers, vendors or competitors, overtaken by greed. When a company does such a thing, they are taking greater risks in becoming a conglomerate company, which is failures in management. As for me, an ideal company should maintain a good relationship with other companies, provided that they have no bad intents towards the company in the first place. Moreover, an ideal company should also manage their finances well so that they are able to pay back debentures, debt, etc. to prevent bankruptcy and confiscations by the banks. A company should also focus on giving what is best to the customers rather than focusing too much on cutting and pressing the costs that it influences its products badly. Building public image is also mutually beneficial to both the company and the society, it can be done through having a more eco-friendly production method, giving to those who need help, and by holding events to bring awareness of global problems the world is facing as of today.

Lastly, an ideal company should be aware of the stereotypes being directed into corporations and attempt to solve many of the problems that comes from the larger scale of operations and business of a company. For example, quite a number of people are less enthusiastic or motivated in working for corporations due to most companies conventional and less creative methods of management. It is also due to the smaller span of control and greater hierarchal gaps between the leader of the company and the lower level of employees, rendering miscommunication mistakes and the lack of worker's self-worth. Moreover, corporations have always been famous to self-preserve and egoistic in nature, that it blocks any support to the new entrepreneur businesses. Although it is already in the companies' nature to set lower prices in the market, it would be interesting to see good relationship between a newly small and long-established big businesses of the same industry.

I do realize that my ideal of a perfect company seems to be very much unrealistic. That in businesses, compromises are essential for surviving in the market and achieving priorities. That for a business to remain existing, some principles are not able to be executed right away. But it is what an 'ideal' is supposed to be, a concept that we should project our efforts towards something so far and distant, so that we are few steps closer towards the perfection that we aim. The higher that we aim, the better we will become, and so I have heard.

PS. I thought what he meant companies by company is public companies and corporations, but instead he included entrepreneurship too, and he was very much disappointed in my decision to choose corporations as the main subject? What do you gusy think? HeLp pLS

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,157 2307  
Mar 20, 2020   #2
The writing is indeed amateurish. The scope of presentation is limited to only type of company when there are several company types in existence. Yes, your teacher was right to include entrepreneurship to the list. Any business, even a mom and pop store, is a form of company. So when you focused only on the large corporations, you limited the discussion and scope of presentation for your paper.

I do not believe that your teacher was asking you focus only on the demands of a company. What he was actually asking you to write about are the types of companies, and how these different types function. What does each type of company represent? How does it perform in that specific field? What it is composed of? What are the duties of such a company to its clients and stake holders? How does one company type differ from the other? Those are the research questions that he hoped you would have represented in your research.

The discussion itself is shallow in the sense that you did not go full throttle into the discussion development of company types. You focused only on the known aspects of company development and function when there are several other considerations to discuss, depending on the type of company. It would have been better if you had your teacher check your draft before you submitted the research paper. That way, you would have known how to adjust the paper before the teacher had to grade it.
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Mar 20, 2020   #3
@Holt Wow, thank you! This is actually my first time posting a thread in this forum. Never thought that I would be getting such an informative and constructive information. I really appreciate it, an eye-opener really!

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