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vision 2020:A Mirage

Nicodemus 1 / 1  
Jul 11, 2008   #1
With the looming crises of events crippling so many activities in the Nation's growth our government remained stolid or rather focused to a fly-by- night vision with a machiavellian smile. the over blown seven severe points agenda are indeed working on Nigerians. Our leaders should be reminded on how time disappointed the in their more than 400 days of leadership without meeting at least one of those agenda. Were they stratigising new methods of meetings the niggling vision 2020 and oblivious of the pressing ussues. There re mny factors that led this writer to this might seemed absurd or pessimistic conclusion.

The first and most striking loop hole of all is educational system. Mr. President and his ninco-poop ministers have continued to pay lip-services and turned deaf ears (though active and sharp to the weakest whispers or gossip) to the rotten-stage-age of education and the yearnings of our teachers respectively. Considering the trend of things in our educational system now we don't need a prophet(not Bakare or Joshua) to tell us that all is not well in Zion. Most of our institutions of higher lesrning are glorified cemetries.
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Jul 11, 2008   #2
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