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What is more vital: communication through word by mouth, or written language?

ngominhphuong 1 / -  
Sep 18, 2021   #1
IELTS topic:
Spoken communication is always more powerful than written communication.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Whether communication through word by mouth or written language is more vital has always been a topic of controversy. While it is believed that spoken language is more versatile, I constantly disagree with this perspective.

In this modern day and age, it is understandable as to why some people have a preference for spoken communication over written. The first justification is that word by mouth is fast and instant. It can be used for daily circumstances when people communicate with each other freely and randomly, at any time, anywhere. Furthermore, as this language has been transforming through time, it becomes more versatile and contains more up-to-date slangs, grammar relevant to specific trends, destinations, people,... which makes it easier to be used by multiple age groups.

Notwithstanding the certain merits of spoken communication, I embrace the idea that written communication plays a more integral role in everyday's life. To commence with, since it takes a great amount of time to complete a simple written work, the paragraphs are arranged in a logical and systematic way. Consequently, the readers should have no issue in understanding the writer's idea and they can easily make personal feedback based on what was written. The subsequent reason is that written works can be preserved intactly through years without losing their initial value. In detail, excavated books which were written hundred years ago, with the help of modern technology restoration, are still beneficial these days. Without these historical relics, there would be no tremendous scientific research for humankind to continue involving.

Back to the drawing board, I am strongly in favor of the perspective that written communication has a stronger influence on the society as a whole than spoken language and it should not be replaced by spoken language in the near future.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,753 3795  
Sep 20, 2021   #2

Not a controversy. This has always been a topic for discussion. Avoid using sensationalist terms as these do not ever apply to an academic discussion, which you are writing about. Lower LR scores are provided for use of words out of meaning as based on the original presentation. TA deductions apply as well for discussion reference alterations.

constantly disagree

Constant or constantly is not a degree of measurement as implied by the instruction. Rather, it is a deque of movement or a state of action. The word is mis-referenced in the response sentence.

* Student is displaying LR errors that will cause significant deductions later on.


One punctuation mark at a time. English grammar villa are very clear about the one punctuation mark usage.There needs to be a space of words between each marking to deliver a clear message to the reader.

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