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Whether to voice our opinions or not? Listening to your heart is of vital importance.

Doggy 1 / 1  
Mar 12, 2015   #1
Agree or disagree: People should state their honest opinions even though they know others will disagree with their views.

Not a topic has ever as heated as whether to voice our opinions or not though we know others might not disagree with our view. Some people have tact and know how to prevent themselves from being criticized in events. Others, nevertheless, do not pleasure others by concealing their real opinion. Personally, I will mention two reasons in favor of my claim. First of all, listening to your heart is of vital importance. One who knows to express opinions has a self-principle in public matters, and it helps a lot in many situations. Take my cousin Peter as an example. While he attended for one of an outstanding medical school audition, the judge asked the same question to several people, " I feel a bit painful with my head, would you tell me about the problem?" Most of people used lots of professional nouns and analysis to reply any possibility, however, none of them getting into the school in the end. My cousin could enter it just because he answered what his real thought, " I don't know." Before he could have the person inspected by some precisely instrument, he would not be sure what the problem is. As a result, Peter became the only person receiving the acceptance from school. Beside, the honest opinion will consistently be reminded sometimes though it was not accepted at the beginning of events. The movement of woman's right was sent troops to be punished on initial stage. Yet, throughout a great deal of efforts had done by them and years passed by, people start to listen to their voice and story. Finally, former situation has been transferred and now their advocates have shown up at every corner in the world. Voicing honest comments make people feel easy going and non- stressful. Although life will meet some obstacles, it would not stop you being an honest person and saying out of yourself. In contrary, it fosters somehow matters successful which you never imagined.

nijanthan 3 / 7  
Mar 12, 2015   #2
I have corrected few Spelling & grammatical errors, please find below your essay. Also my opinions are to use more vocabulary. Whether you are writing for a school assignment or professionally, it is imperative that you have a vocabulary that will provide for clear communication of your ideas and thoughts. You need to know the type and level of your audience and adjust your vocabulary accordingly. It is worthwhile to constantly work at improving your knowledge of words. All The Best
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Mar 15, 2015   #3
Wow Thank you so much for your help !!

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