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Walking tour in the mountains - Explain why you're interested, ask other related questions

Sandro123 1 / -  
Jul 1, 2020   #1


You saw a brochure for a one-week walking tour in the mountains. You're very interested in taking part, but you're not very fit and are worried you wouldn't be able to keep up. Write to the tour operator. In your letter:

· Explain why you're interested in the tour.
· Ask for information about dates and prices.
· Express your concerns about your fitness level.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you to express my interest to participate in the upcoming one-week walking the company you represent has arranged.
I would like to ask you for further details concerning the tour and the requirements physical fitness level participants should meet.

I am passionate about outdoor activities, therefore since the first time I saw about this one-week hiking in the mountains
I thought it would represent an excellent opportunity to undertake one of my main passions.

Although the information in the brochure was clear, I could see neither prices nor dates. Ergo, I would appreciate the sending of this information.

In addition, I would like to let you know, my current physical condition is not the best. So, Is there any requirement which can impede me to participate in the trekking?

I would appreciate your reply at your earliest convenience.

Yours Sincerely
Sandro Aldave

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,816 2619  
Jul 1, 2020   #2
Truth be told, the letter that you wrote is not effective because, even though it hits all the required content marks, it does not show your writing abilities in the true sense. You are not writing in complete paragraphs. 2-3 paragraphs are required for this letter, 3-5 sentences each. You have a problem using connecting words to add clarity to your statements, and your formatting all wrong. You are using a poetical format / stanza format when you should be writing complete sentences in proper paragraph form. This is not an essay that could score highly because:

- You wrote only the minimum number of words
- Your sentences are not very clear in terms of meaning
- The format is not in paragraph form.

You are also using Latin terms (ergo) in a letter that should be business like or semi-casual in presentation.

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