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The most wanted destinations for British travellers and their purposes of travelling abroad

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Sep 14, 2021   #1


Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below

You should write at least 150 words.

The first chart provides the information of the UK residents' purposes of visit in 5 years (1994-1998) while the second chart tells the audience their destinations during the same period.

Overall, the British visit abroad the most in 1998 which amounts 28,828 people. As seen on the second chart, Western Europe is the most wanted destination as opposed to North America as the least wanted.

As shown on the second chart, the number of people went to Western Europe in 1998 is the highest for just over 25,000 among other destinations. Furthermore, compared to other areas and Western Europe, the number of people traveled to North America is the lowest.

On the first chart, holiday is the purpose of visit for people traveled the most as opposed to other reasons (20,700 people in 1998 and 896 people in 1995, respectively). Business purpose holds the second rank in which people traveled the most for and the number increased every year. Following to that, the purpose of visits to friends and relative is placed in the third and other reasons in the forth ( 3,181 people in 1998 and 990 people in 1998 respectively).

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Sep 16, 2021   #2
Avoid the temptation of a run - on sentence when writing the summary overview. The rule of thumb is one reference point per sentence. All ideas in the sentence must be related. When referring to 2 different images covering different information, use seperate sentences.

The first chart

second chart tell

These are both charts of different kinds. The first is an information table and the second, a bar chart. Familiarity with major image types and the corresponding sub- image categories will be necessary to increase the TA and C + C scores of the writer.

which amounts 28,828 people

Actual measurement data is not presented in a trending sentence. Only a general reference is made to the uptick or downtick of measurements.

is the lowest

At what measurement? You are providing data where it is not required and withholding information where it is necessary.

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