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Wanted to my process essay!

newworld 8 / 19  
Oct 31, 2007   #1
Hello Sarah,

If you have some time,would you please give some suggestion about my process essay?


EF_Team [Moderator] 41 / 222 15  
Oct 31, 2007   #2
Could you post your process essay here first? :)

OP newworld 8 / 19  
Nov 1, 2007   #3
Hi Sarah,

Here i post my essay. Please give some suggestion about the essay including the titile (Is it related to the whole essay or not)also would you plz check grammer and sentence stucture?


Lets get your "pony" breath!
Maintenance is the main key factor, to improve your car's lifespan. Also if you are the person who would likes to consume time, money and some bettor mileage from your "pony", you should check your air filter first. Engine need air more than fuel; though air comes free, It always dirty. For that reason air filters are used. It protect your engine from trapping dirt, dust and other foreign particles outside the air. Dirty filter impact the fuel economy and performance of the car. It is highly recommended that you have to change your filter every 15,000 miles. Changing air filter is not a rocket science,you can do it yourself. It is a inexpensive and quick process. All you need is follow some easy steps and some instruments such as a new filter, flat head screwdriver,vacuum cleaner and adhesive tape.

Step 1: Safe your car and open the hood.
To begin, park your vehicle on the balanced floor. Then turn off your engine. After that open the bonnet and hook it with the metal rod otherwise it will hurt your head.

Step 2: Find the air filter.
It is usually located on the top of the engine. But if you have a new model car( fuel-injected ),air filter housing can be a rectangular shape and you can see near radiator area. If it is a older version(with carburettors ), air filter unit should be round shape like a big pie and can be found near the engine area.

Step 3: Remove the filter
Before you do, unscrew the cover of filter unit first; safe the nuts like a squirrel. Now you can see the filter, made up of paper with a rubber rim. Next pull the filter out from the unit.

Step 4: Clean the filter unit.
First seal the top of the carburettors with adhesive tape; It prevent the engine from dirt while cleaning.
Then clean the housing area with the vacuum cleaner.

Step 5: Replace the new filter.
Put the new filter recommended by the manufacturer. If you use the wrong size filter, it allows unfiltered air into the engine that caused damage your engine and it will run less efficiently. The rubber rim should be faced up, otherwise you won't be able to close the top. Also double check the edges which are sealed by the rubber rim.

Step 6: Reinstall the cover and close the hood.
Before you do, remove the tape from the airconduct. Now carefully reconnect the cover back into the filter unit, screw it back again. Make sure that everything has done and no tools inside. Then close the hood.

After replacing clogged air filter, you should notice the tremendous effect in performance level and horsepower. If you perform this check at regular interval, you can keep your "pony's" breathing at a maximum efficiency. A genuine air filter always increase the mileage and decrease the emission to your car.

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