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TOEFL Essay " Watching television is a waste of time"

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Apr 26, 2012   #1
Do you agree with the following statement?
Watching television is a waste of time.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

:- I do not agree with this statement that watching television is a waste of time. Television is one of the important modes of getting information about current news. Television makes us aware about lots of important things which can save us from many dangers by providing safety information. We can get news from all over the world through television.

There are various channels like discovery, national geographic, entertainment, cartoon, sports and most important is news channels which can give (provides) us lots of information about everything. Through discovery channel we can get knowledge about various new things which are discovered or invented by experts or inventors; Through national geographic channel we can get information about various places and importance of that place; Entertainment channels entertain us or make us feel relax; My favorites channel is sports channel through which I can watch all live matches by sitting at home and other important channel is news channel which gives us all kinds of important information like about politics, elections, new inventions, sports, about celebrities and weather. There are various channels which are designed according to the age group like for children, for youngsters, for middle age people and for old people. So everyone can get some information from television. There are many educational programs or personality development programs which are good for children or youngster. There are some cooking programs. My mother tries various new recipes after watching that program. So I think everyone can get some good and important information from television.

There are some programs which are not good for children which can be shown late night. We can decide what is good for us and what is bad so we can chose what to watch. So I don't think that watching television is waste of time if we know what to watch.

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