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Water is the main need of human, every day we use approximately 20-50 litre of water or more

ReskiRamadani88 43 / 57 5  
Nov 20, 2016   #1
What are the causes of water scarcity? What are your solutions?

In the present, water is the main need of humans, every day they use water approximately 20-50 litre or may be more than that. It is include drink, take a bath, washing and so on. Without water, human's life does not perfect. But with the modern era, crisis of water is rapidly rise and scarcity of water.

There are some reasons, why water is difficult to find. Firstly, the developing of human populations causes water is an extremely use. And it is also needed for industrial, agriculture, environment and companies. Based on Brimingham University Article explained, today the amount of water reached least proportion, approximately 20-30 percent. It is caused the number of people in UK increase 15 percent per year. People should organize their water using.

On the other hand, global warming is one of the reason. Global warming causes change of weather do not based on schedule, such as summer more long than winter. Due to of the reason, when summer water becomes difficult and in several locations have happened dry season. It is refer to explanation of Environmental Agency, they explained drying in some locations in Los Angeles made people lack of water and societies need help of water source. In addition, most companies and inhabitant dispose of household waste or industry source, it make water clean more small to find.

All in all, people must keep their environment and smart to use water in daily activities. If they do not do that, water becomes difficult to find and make it scarcity. (255w).

Holt - / 7,528 2001  
Nov 20, 2016   #2
Reski, the task accomplishment score for your essay would not be higher than a 4. The reason for the score is that you were not able to properly respond to the prompt. You presented enough of the reasons as to why there is a water scarcity problem but you did not offer any expanded explanation regarding possible solutions relating to the water scarcity and increasing demand for water. Coherence and cohesion will most likely fall under a 5 owing to the way that you have some logic to your presentation but sometimes, there is a lack of development in your discussion. The lexical resource scoring would be around a 4 due to the limited vocabulary you have shown Sometimes, your word choices do not help to develop the sentence and instead serves to confuse the reader instead. The grammatical range and accuracy would also be a 4 because your grammar and sentence structure problems causes some strain on the part of the reader when it comes to trying to understand what you have to say. By the way, when you present information in the essay, try to keep it common and easily identifiable. By using information from the UK and its related information, you are showing that you did actual research while writing this essay. There won't be time for you to research during the actual test. So train yourself to think fast and use only commonly known information for your response development. You don't have to be academic in this case. You just need to prove that you can clearly explain your opinion in English.

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