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Water in the sea increases and even surpass all limits. Problem Solution as Impact of Climate Change

mem77 62 / 98 6  
Oct 24, 2016   #1
Global warming is one of the biggest threats human face in the 21st century and sea levels are continuing to rise at alarming rate. What problems are associated with this and what are some possible solutions?

In the 21th century, climate change is one of the biggest problem that people face which makes amount of water in the sea increase and even surpass the limit. Consequently, it makes several areas near by the sea experiences flood and humans have to built dam or canal to reduce amount of water.

It is generally believed that when sea levels increase and through the limit rate, flood in coastal area is hard to avoid. Flood occurs as several areas are covered by the large amount of water. The result for this is that people cannot do their daily activities and also a plenty of diseases are coming to strike the citizens. Research from University of Tokyo in 2011 found that 65% of flood areas through the world have a lot of infection such as malaria.

However, these problems can be solved by building dam alongside the shoreline. A dam is a barrier that prevents water from going into the land area. The benefits of this are not only suppress floods but also provide water for human activities such as irrigation and alternative resources. A good example to illustrate this is that Netherland use dam for providing water since 1905 and it makes their country becomes the best agricultural systems across the world.

All in all, it is acceptable that people have to build dam in the shore side as a consequence of flooding in several areas around the sea. And also the government has to allocate their fund for supporting such an idea.

Wolf Larsen - / 127 47  
Oct 24, 2016   #2

I have a few remarks, regarding your text:

1. Many of your sentences are little too long. You should consider breaking them in half - this will make your writing much more comprehensible.
2. The word 'human/humans' is mostly used in biological contexts, like when we talk about how people have evolved from monkeys, for example. You should avoid using this word in social contexts (humans have to built dam '. Instead, you should consider using such words as 'people', 'persons', individuals', citizens', 'residents', etc.

3. Your text contains many poorly constructed sentences, like the following: 'several areas are covered by the large amount of water . 'Amount' is an abstract term - you can use it when describing something, but not when establishing a cause-effect context.

4. You should do a better job ensuring smooth transitions between the parts of your sentences.

Other than that, the text is easy to understand. Good job. I hope this will help. Regards.

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