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The Watergate paper feedback

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Watergate scandal refers to the June 17, 1972 Republican Richard Nixon the United States to use its campaign of spying on the other side of the Democratic Party election campaign, the Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate building to install listening devices before they were "Washington Post" reporter Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein came to light in order to set off the Nixon impeachment. The incident led to the history of the United States for the first time the president to resign.

Watergate, that is, the Watergate building in Washington, the U.S. Democratic Party presidential campaign headquarters of the Commission. The so-called Watergate scandal, Nixon's campaign team is assigned to the Watergate Committee of the Democratic Party presidential campaign headquarters of the concealed camera placed documents and electronic eavesdropping devices were uncovered in the case.

Republican Richard Li Chad, the United States in 1968 was elected the 37th president. 1972 U.S. presidential election in the 38th when he received for the 520 electoral votes (representing 97% of the total Zhang), an overwhelming advantage to defeat Democratic opponent McGovern, re-elected 38th president of the United States. In this election, announced the next day, Nixon Xiaoerhamu Hotel in Washington held a celebration, praised his ability to campaign for his election as President of the Legislative contribution, so that he was "the last election campaign in all The most successful campaign "and said" Thank you all. " However, he thought of where this campaign is engaging in a "Watergate scandal", he stabbed a loophole from the mountain top, he fell into an abyss, made in an unprecedented victory after the complex has been completely out of the dead The fate of the disaster.

June 17, 1972 night, the Nixon campaign, "the president for re-election committee," the headquarters McChord security adviser and former Central Intelligence Agency spy's Cuban-American Buck, Martinez, Sitegusi, Gangsa Juarez, such as 5 individuals, with surgical gloves and carrying cameras, electronic listening devices and radio dialogue, quietly into the Democratic headquarters in the Watergate building, the concealed camera in the file of the Democratic Party, in the dark and the installation of an electronic listening device in preparation for Democratic leaders of the eavesdropping study of the current presidential election campaign's strategy in order to formulate strategies to run for president Richard Nixon. However, their activities have been the Watergate building security personnel found. Security officers arrested them on the spot. McChord to the outside of the building and others in Sabah lookout, enjoy the Principal Jianshibumiao They immediately run away, but 3 months after the arrest.

McChord and others confessed that they are from the Nixon presidential campaign team orders to sneak into the Watergate building to steal the Democratic Party campaign strategy information. Ą£ In their 17 days ago on May 30 had sneaked into the Watergate building in the headquarters of the Democratic Party placed a listening device. As the eavesdropping to the value of intelligence, eavesdropping devices and an inappropriate place, decided to go for the second time. They go to the main purpose should be to make listening device on the Watergate building of the Office of the Chairman of the Democratic Party Aobolaien phone, for Nixon's rival, Senator John F. Kennedy and McGovern important information.

In January 1973, the Washington District Court trial of the Watergate scandal, all 7 of the accused to plead guilty, but the case itself has remained silent. With the passage of time and in-depth investigation, the Watergate scandal truth finally show itself gradually. March 20, McChord wrote a letter to Judge Cyril cards, and several of his victims have been political pressure on them to provide us with the guilt and to remain silent. He expressed willingness to provide clues to the case, but were afraid of retaliation, the secret request for information. In the following secret trials, the McChord to give out the Watergate scandal and an attempt to cover up the truth about the high-level personnel, including Mitchell, White House counsel Dean and Magruder, so that the case has been a breakthrough. Later, the McChord further confessed that his part in Watergate, because "this is the Minister of Justice, the White House and the president himself launched." After extensive investigations, the court found that participate in the planning, command of the Watergate scandal, with the exception of the above Staff, there are the White House assistant Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Lalu, to participate in the Nixon presidential campaign team before the Secretary of Commerce Stansted, Kleindienst former Minister of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation on behalf of the Secretary Gray, the Central Intelligence Deputy Secretary for Walters, the presidential campaign staff of the Committee Caulfield, and Porter, and so on Damadian, a total of 10 people.

A huge impact on the Watergate scandal, after the incident, the U.S. government, Congress and the judiciary has composed more than 10 institutions of the Watergate scandal investigation and trial. October 23, 1973, the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee decided that the hospital is responsible for gathering, investigation of Nixon's crimes, in preparation for the impeachment of the president. In the investigation and trial, was also found in a secret presidential campaign contributions in many illegal activities, revealed the misappropriation of large sums of campaign funds for the Watergate cover up the incident, the CIA and the White House revealed the name of "national security" Engaged in the name of telephone tapping and other spying, secret service activities. The Judiciary in the hands of the evidence, called for the White House communications staff, and I asked Nixon to testify in court.

President Richard Nixon in the incident has completely exposed the truth before the White House has repeatedly denied that the Government and the relevant staff involved with the incident, the United States, the executive, legislative, judicial separation of powers enjoyed by the president and executive privilege as an excuse to prevent the commission of inquiry into the White House staff to testify . But with the progress of the case, he can no longer stop, so that they had no choice but to testify, and who declared that with the Watergate scandal involved will be immediately removed from office. May 23, 1973, Nixon issued a statement to express himself has nothing to do with the Watergate scandal, but admitted that he had restricted the investigation.

In mid-July, White House assistant to the Federal Aviation Administration chief Butterfield testified that in the Senate, since Richard Nixon in 1970 after an order in their Oval Office of the President of the installation of sophisticated electronic devices to listen to his subordinates with Tan Hualu Next to the sound of which he had with the White House staff to cover up the Watergate scandal on the conversation. , The Senate Special Investigation Committee and Chairman of the Special Prosecutor Michael Cox has issued a subpoena to hand over about Nixon's Watergate scandal tapes. But the Nixon tapes to those relating to national security and refused to hand over state secrets. In this way, the issue of the tape on the Watergate scandal has become a new focus.

June 25, 1974, the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee released with the decision to impeach Nixon all the evidence. By the end of July, the Judicial Committee of the Nixon impeachment, the adoption of three successive terms.

August 5, the justifications for Chad Nixon was forced to hand over 3 relating to the Watergate tapes case, the tape recorded on June 23, 1972 (that is, the seventh day after the Watergate scandal) and Hardeman talked to obstruct his investigation In uncover the truth, it is covered up, even in the Republican Party, there have been a wave of demands to step down Nixon. August 7, Nixon and the Republican Congress, the Big Three Goldwater, Rhodes and the Most of talks, after consultations, decided to resign from the Nixon presidency. At 11 o'clock on August 8, Ford's vice-president of the White House to see Nixon, Nixon told him that the decision to resign today. Nixon in the White House Oval Office of the President to the nation on television to announce his resignation speech. The morning of Aug. 9, Nixon left the White House, by the president's plane, "Air Force One" to fly to California. To leave the White House, the White House Office of the Director General Haig on the Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to Nixon's resignation letter wrote: "Dear Mr. Secretary: I would like to resign from the post of President of the United States. Li would like to Chad on Nixon." Nixon in the Less than 2 hours to leave the White House, Ford's successor, President of the United States oath. Ford became president, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Constitution of the United States, promulgated by presidential decree, the Nixon pardon crimes. So far, the U.S. presidential election scandal of the Watergate scandal to U.S. President Richard Nixon to step down ended.

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Dec 1, 2008   #2
Nice job. I did not find errors, but I guess it would be great to have a bit of philosophical reflection about it. A good paper has a meaningful theme, a thesis that is "argued" from beginning to end. This paper will do well, for sure, but it will be good to use your excellent writing skills to write papers that accomplish 2 things: Tell the information, and convey some truth. You should convey the information in a way that illustrates a point that you are trying to make.

I hope that makes sense. The difference between a good paper and a great paper is that a great paper changes the reader's ideas about something.

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