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Ielts writing: Wealthy countries still have many poor members

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Aug 20, 2011   #1
Hi everyone, please read and correct this essay. Have a nice weekend :D
Question: Although many countries are becoming richer, these societies still have members who are poor and struggle each day to survive. Why do you think this happens and what can wealthy societies do to help their poorer citizens?

Through the developing of humanity, poverty always is one of the serious problems in not only poor countries but also wealthy countries. Although developed countries have a lot finance condition to raise the life standard of people, they cannot erase the poor in some parts of their nation.

There are a number of reasons why poverty sill exists in affluent nations. The first thing I mention is unemployment. The requirement about quality of labor in these countries is very high, while big companies choose manual labors from developing countries because of cheaper work force. Hence, unemployment rate escalate in rich nations. Another reason is the immigration. A lot of people from under-develop countries try to leave their nation to others wealthy countries with their hopes in better life. However, they do not have knowledge and abilities to find a job, so they become out of employment. Lastly, the global economic crisis affects every respects of people life. Economic crisis increases the unemployment rate, bankrupts a lot of company. In addition, it makes the rising inflation, so the prices of basic goods, housing, healthcare insurance are higher too much that people cannot afford for that.

It is too hard to find an effective solution to combat these problems; however we have some measures to reduce poverty. The government should subsidize some of the basic needs of their poor citizens and make new policies to reduce unemployment rate and boost the economy. For example, the supporting local company by lowering taxes or concession loan is a good way to create a lot of new job for citizen.

In conclusion, this issue is not the new but it is always a trouble of every policy maker all over the world. I think to solve this problem, we not only expect actions from government or international organizations, but also support poorer citizens to help them have a better life.

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