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IELTS: wealthy nations vs poorer nations; 'Children and Charity Foundation'

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May 15, 2012   #1
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Can Charities Help Poor Nations?

Some people believe that the wealthy nations have to provide the help to the poorer ones. Others think that the government of poorer nations should take care of their citizens themselves throughout the development of economics, and increasing the level of financial welfare. I agree with both points of view and assume that the rich countries can support people in need by the instrumentality of the charity foundations as long as the undeveloped countries must take every measure to protect their people.

It becomes a good tradition today in developed countries to donate the part of the income to charity organizations. Such foundations accumulate financial reserves and provide help, such as: food, clothes, books, medicine and medical equipment to the nations who living under the line of poverty. For instance, the Children and Charity Foundation established in the USA helps children, youths and families in Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and other undeveloped regions throughout the world.

On the other hand, governments of the poorer nations should find the ways to improve the economical and social protection of their citizens and not just to wait the assistance of the rich countries. I believe that growth of industry, progress in international relations and obligatory education will do the positive effect to rising of living standards in undeveloped regions.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that wealthy nations shall give a helping hand to the poorer ones and don't be indifferent to the difficulties of the people in need. At the same time, the poorer nations shall seek the way to resolve their problems and put an end to the poverty.

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