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IELTS task 2:Wearing diferent clothes is a positive or negative developement

thuthao283 1 / -  
Jul 30, 2020   #1
In the past people used to wear their traditional clothes depending on their culture. Nowadays the trend is changing and people wear different clothes. Is it a positive or negative development? How does it affect certain societies and people's behavior?

Some people enunciate the idea that wearing diversity of outfit from different culture is a revolutionary progress. I totally concur with this opinion because of the benefits it can bring us by affecting the economy and bringing certain value to people's life.

Due to the fact that each individual can wear different attire with variety of decorative texture and material, they can express their own personality and fashion taste. Human was given the ability to use various emotions by using their face muscle, clothing also has the same influence. By having the right to choose their favorite clothes, human society could be much jollier with many characteristic and feature. People could understand others better and spreading contagious energy. Take me as an example, when I'm participating in activities ,it would be much more confident and comfortable for me to wear clothes that fit my body and personality.

It is obvious that clothing has an intimate connection with human society, specifically economy. As can be seen, fashion play and important role in economic growth, which create many jobs for employees, fashionistas, with millions of units around the world and contribute thousands of millions of dollars to economy. As people started to afford trendy fashionable clothes, this department will continue to expand and therefore, makes huge difference to the market. From my point of view, what people wear doesn't really related to their behavior, maybe it just took them more time in order to decide what to wear.

In conclusion, I totally recognize the positive aspect of wearing different clothes.
It would be great if you can give me an overall band score.Thanks!

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,097 3254  
Jul 30, 2020   #2
Overall Band Scoring is reserved for our private consultation and URGENT services. You may contact us via our email located in our homepage for details regarding the advanced review services.

Your essay is totally off base. It is not related to the given questions at all. There are 3 specific questions that require a response, which means you should be writing a 5 paragraph essay. The discussion paragraphs are as follows:

Par. 2: Is it a positive or negative development? Use your personal opinion. Pick one side. Explain.
Par. 3: How does it affect society? Response is based on your positive or negative development opinion. Support the discussion in paragraph 2.
Par. 4: How does it affect people's behavior? Positive or negative? Why? Use examples from your experience or public knowledge.

You have to make sure to address all of the questions posed in the essay. The questions are what dictate the number of paragraphs that you will be writing.

In your concluding statement, you should restate the prompt, your response to the questions, and a closing sentence. It should be at least 3 sentences to complete a minimal paragraph presentation.

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