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"Welcome to the good life" - Compare and Contrast Essay (Rich vs Poor)

Eggss 1 / 3  
Jul 14, 2010   #1
Thanks in advance but I really think my essay is pretty bad lol.

It would be greatly appreciated if there is any help anyone can provide.

Welcome to the good life
The person you are in ones eyes defines if you are high class or low. You can be the poorest of the poor but still have your pride ,values, manners and that person is more of a person than those with all the money in the world. Divided into two sections the globe holds low class and high class citizens. On one side of the globe, there are over twenty-four industrialized non-Communist states whose 800 million citizens devour the majority of the world's resources, who generate most of its manufactured goods and enjoy the highest standard of living to date. Thirsting for a part of this luxurious lifestyle are about 100 underdeveloped poor states, home to over two billion people. Forgetting to mention that millions whom are brought upon starvation and disease. Many of the lower class are fortunate to not be in poverty, but still struggle to live. Most likely the first thought that comes to mind when thinking of what it means to be in an upper or lower class society is the financial status of the two groups. It is simply put that the upper class has an advantage over the lower class in money terms but that is obvious. The truth is that not all the money in the world can make someone "classy". Suppose one meets a women who dresses well but as soon as she opens her mouth she has no education, stuttering at every word that comes out of her mouth. Money does not mean everything, that is just a bland way to compare the rich and the poor. To compare them one must go into deeper topics, the morality of both classes, the lifestyle, the way they carry themselves in today's society. So the question is it better to live a poor or a rich lifestyle, on the life of high and low class farmers in the Han dynasty, lifestyle of a child at school and the outlook of life they both have.

An excellent way to compare and contrast the lifestyles of the rich and poor are to focus on farmers. For example ones in the Han Dynasty era who are much like farmers in today's era. High class and lower class farmers worked on the fields together. The low class farmers lived in mud houses dispersed in villages. Unsurprisingly, the rich lived in huge houses decorated with rugs and china much like the rich today. Wealthy farmers had strong oxen to pull their carts and iron ploughs (Lausd, 2005). The higher class also watered their fields using simple machines making farming a much easier task. On the contrary poor farmers had no oxen, they used wooden hand tools and watered their fields by carrying buckets of water. The higher class farmers ate wheat and millet, while the lower class ate rice. Astonishingly both classes cooked their meals in a boxlike stove or steamed it over boiling water. Both classes also lived in the cities, which were places for government, education, trade and entertainment buildings. The high class and low class of the Han Dynasty farmers both produced same crops but in different ways, they both lived the same life but with different living styles, but were they both happy with their lives?

We do not know if the farmers back in that era were happy with their lives but many historians have compared society today to past eras. In today's society the morality of the rich and poor are very similar depending the ways one looks at it. For instance, in school there is always one who sticks out as "rich" and draws in lots of jealousy from their peers. The beautiful outfits they dress in, the cars they get chauffeured in, they have it all. That one rich child belongs to a group of privileged children, who were fortunately born in richer families. Their high standard of living allows them to enjoy a more comfortable life than many who come from poorer families. These privileged children may take dance, choral and art class for granted, but they have no idea that those less fortunate could only peek through the windows of the classrooms, eyes burning with admiration. The group of richer children enjoy every comfort in their life starting at a young age; many believe that they are utterly happy and stress free. The truth is many do not see their lives at home, the limited time they spend with their parents; and how spoiled they get. This might be the reason why rich kids would love to live a day in the life of a poor child, see what it would be to have real friends that love you for who you are. It is awkward but this is a contradicting statement because rich kids would love to be in the shoes of the poor but the poor would give anything to be rich.

Besides being that both classes would want to live in the life of the other they both have many more similarities such as their outlook of life. The lower class though they do not have much, they appreciate what they have and are happy with that (Cline, 2010). Whether it be spending memories with family, having their pride and values in life. While the rich would focus more on the materialistic things in life, things money can only buy. Although very prejudicial, upper class people are generally viewed as having more education, morals, honesty and integrity than lower classes; lower class societies are generally expected to have more social problems such as teenage pregnancy, child abuse, unemployment, and divorce (Pileated, 2010). Surprisingly the both have the same outlook in life, this might be the reason why the gap between the rich and poor is so huge. They distance themselves from each other, it is unlikely to see a rich person with a poor person, each class will likely be around people that are in their situation. Each class has their own view of the other. The poor will tell you that money does not make you happy and may feel that upper class societies are arrogant and proud. The wealthy build their homes in gated communities, protecting themselves from the threats of "other classes". They both never seem optimistic of what the other class may actually be like, but at the same time both have an positive outlook on life. (Articles, 2010)

In conclusion it is clear that each class appears to feel more comfortable surrounded by individuals in the same situation. Life is not a bed of roses; regardless of their background, no matter what class you are in you have your own world of happiness and sorrow. One can shudder to realise that most of the time the rich hardly have smiles on their face, impossible perhaps? This might be because of the things they do not have, things the poor only have. Perhaps, although being richer then others it gives one a more comfortable life, but it has no voice in making one happier. This should answer the question, is it better to be rich or poor? The poor cannot make a difference in the world but the statement "everyone has a purpose on the world" (Skjefstad, 2010) contradicts this, so can they really? It is the rich who have the advantage of making a difference in the world with their fortune; they can help the poor become rich. In time both sides may be able to overcome their fears and misunderstanding of each other as that gap closes. So, does this mean being rich is better then being poor? Go ask anyone on the street, 9 out of 10, rich.


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alswn95 11 / 28  
Jul 15, 2010   #2
No, it is really good. Maybe you could more in depth about how the rich has advantage over the poor.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jul 17, 2010   #3
The world is divided into two categories, rich and poor.

Well, there is also the middle class...

Despite that the majority is poor each category has advantages over the other. The difference between wealthy people and the poor citizens of the world is quite simple. The distinction is that wealthy people have an easier more suitable life than the poor. average citizen. Meanwhile the poor do not have the glamorous life that some greed for desire, but to them it is just as good... and maybe even better.

I think you are talking about "appreciation." Maybe it should be the theme of your essay.

Actually, now I do see that you refer to appreciation twice. That is a good theme...

Many believe that the poor class of society are miserable and unappreciative of the opportunities handed down to them (Cline, 2010).----- the period comes after the parenthetical reference.

These skeptics do not see the true soul of the poor; the poor do not want to be looked down upon, because they are regular human beings, citizen who are a little unfor tunate to be in their circumstances. What they do not see is that many poor people are happy with their lives . In addition, while it is true that the majority of the rich are very happy with their lives, we should not forget that many of the elite rich class are unhappy with their life the lives they are living. This doesn't mean that...

OP Eggss 1 / 3  
Jul 17, 2010   #4
Thanks alot guys!
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jul 20, 2010   #5
The person you are in one's eyes defines if you are high class or low. -- I think you should write "in the eyes of others."


I'm very impressed by the writing! I can tell you found some great inspiration.

I think it's important to divide that first paragraph into 2 paragraphs. At the end of the first one, state your thesis clearly, and then end the paragraph. That way the reader won't feel confused.

Surprisingly the both have the same outlook in life, and this might be the reason why the gap between

I like the conclusion.

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