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The well-known events like World Cup and other international sporting occasions are essential.

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Nov 5, 2016   #1
Popular events like football World Cup and other international sporting occasions are essential in easing international tensions and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Many people hold the opinion that it is very necessary to hold worldwide sporting events such as World Cup and many other athletic contests, though the rest bear the contrary. In my opinion, I fervently believe that special sporting occasions as aforementioned should be regularly taken place.

On one hand, taking part in such events helps countries to enhance their images and show the hospitality to the world. Firstly, the victory will be marked as their competence in not only sport but also economic and culture. Otherwise, through their friendly and open-minded athletes, other contestants from different countries will have a good impression in gentle acts and kind words. This may help to defuse the hostility between opponent countries and build up an amicable relationship. Besides, worldwide sporting events have been telling many touching and inspirational stories of athletes' courage and determination. This also might help to inspire the human kind and create motivation.

However, while our world is facing to many complex chronic problems, these events seem to be inappropriate. Firstly, hosting an international athletic events may do harm to vulnerable economies. Many countries has used up their national budget to prepare for the occasions which may lead them to be in debt to other financial organizations. Subsequently, public debt becomes a serious problem and then having many countries filed a bankrupt, which devastates their entire people. Otherwise, many international sporting events have been interfered by political power, therefore, it may bring inequalities to some athletes from the target country.

In conclusion, worldwide sporting events should carried on as the way it has been though many downsides still remains. Because people will always struggle for peace and harmony, which such occasions represent.
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Nov 6, 2016   #2
Ha, I strongly believe that you would score a 6 in the actual IELTS test with this essay. You have shown that you can present a set of supporting ideas for your position in such a manner that proves an intermediate grasp of the English language. You were able to properly group your ideas and present them in a coherent manner. While there are still a number of grammatical errors, the you were able to develop a cohesive paragraph just the same. Though the grammar you used was simple, it was complex enough for your perceived English writing and comprehension skills. I believe that you are on the right path towards passing this test. Your mistakes were not enough to lower the score to failing. Since you are already passing the test, more practice will only result in higher scores for you. Good luck with your test.

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