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It is widely believed that it is necessary for high school seniors to have a year-long break

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Jul 6, 2022   #1

advantages and disadvantages of taking a gap year

In some countries young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school and starting university studies. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for young people who decided to do this.

It is widely believed that it is necessary for high school seniors to have a year-long break to travel or work. In this essay, I will discuss the advantages of taking a gap-year and some of the challenges to overcome.

Let's begin by looking at the advantages. There is no doubt that delaying tertiary education for one year enables students to hone practical skills. This is due to the fact that students will have the chance to expose to the alien environment to gain new experiences such as socializing with various people or finding their place in the community. Besides, given that most high schools provide inadequate career guidance, sparing several months looking for job opportunities or attending vocational training courses will empower students to identify a suitable career path. Such experiences would be hardly attainable if high school graduates immediately enroll in university, and become occupied with their intense study schedules.

Turning to the other side of the argument, deferring university enrollment is not without difficulties. A major downside is that gap-year takers may fall behind in their study, which is attributed to long distraction from formal schooling. As a result, this can subject them to peer pressure, as well as gradually drain their self-confidence. Another drawback is that those young people are unlikely to save up much money or cultivate relevant job skills as jobs available to high school leavers are mainly entry-level ones that are neither well-paid nor effective to teach them anything substantive.

All things considered, a gap year can have both advantages and disadvantages. It is my view that individuals know what is best for them to choose the most proper and worthwhile path.

I would be grateful to receive your responses.
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There is a difference between discussing advantages V. disadvantages and

some of the challenges to overcome

. The latter is a totally misleading statement that is not connected to the orginal presentation in any way. It is an improper prompt interpretation and will cause a task scoredown. While the correct pronoun was used, it did not lead to the establishment of A V. D discussion topics thees, leaving the writer's opinion unclear in relation to the topic. Another scoredown.


No. Always be clear that the writer is the one speaking. Refer to the first person at all times. Throw in the 3nd person reference when needed. The essay is all about the writer's perception after all. Doing so will also increase the C + C score.

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