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William Shakespeare, achievement in English Literature

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Nov 22, 2007   #1
William Shakespeare

The supreme achievement in English Literature of the time and perhaps of all time may be found in the works of William Shakespeare (Cunningham and Reich367). Shakespeare's baptism registered in April 26, 1564; maybe after three or four days before baptism. Shakespeare was born in Stratford to the family Shakespeare. His father, John Shakespeare, was the glover and tenant farmer. Shakespeare used to give money for his parents since he was fifteen. He attended Stratford's Grammar school, focusing intensely around Greek and Latin literature, rhetoric, and Christian ethics. His life is so questionable and his chronologies are still not known.

During his life, he wrote a lot of great works including tragedy, comedy, historical subject, and romance. The Hamlet, Ling Lear and other Shakespearean plays performed in the Globe Playhouse. He wrote more than forty plays. "In 1594-5 Shakespeare wrote his first masterpieces, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Romeo and Juliet," and soon a second brilliant tetralogy on English history starting with "Richard II" and his first "Henry IV" play in 1595-6" (Shakespeare study guide).

Shakespeare was very well educated in English and "one of the greatest in any tongue" (Cunningham and Reich 366). During the first half of the sixteenth century, "William Caxton introduced the printing press into England" (Cunningham and Reich 364). One of the reason Shakespeare's work can connect to the modern day is he translated his works over sixty languages and printed. He also followed the intellectual property. And plus his great intelligence and creativity. I thinks most people know about his "Romeo and Juliet" and the greatest writer for me.

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