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Wind Turbine Design and process of electricity production. IELTS Writing Task 1.

somasalims 15 / 27 5  
Feb 3, 2015   #1
The figures show how a wind turbine can generate electricity and where it can be placed. Overall, it can be seen that the process of producing renewable energy using the design is very simple whilst the amount of electricity which is produced depends on its location.

The process starts when wind blows to the blades which are made from fiberglass or wood. In addition, the direction and angle of blades are controlled using computer which is connected to wind sensor on generator. As a result, the wind turbine can generate 1.5 megawatts electricity.

The machines can be placed near a coast or in a mountain. However, the turbine which is located in the mountain will obtain maximum wind strengths while another has blades which cannot be spoiled. As a consequence, domestic turbine in a landscape only can produce 100 kilowatts, but the turbine in the mountain can generate much higher electricity.

ayulia 3 / 8 1  
Feb 3, 2015   #2
hi ka soma, let me to correct your minor grammatical error,

The process starts when the wind blows

is connected to the wind sensor on a generator.

good luck for your test then..
ruwchii 6 / 18 3  
Feb 4, 2015   #3
In my own opinion, you should mention every information which is provided by the figure, especially in describing a process of something where the reader demands a more detailed information to understand the paragraph clearly. Taking your first body paragraph as an example, I personally think that you have to include the point in which a turbine tower is made from a steel. Also, you should explain the function of a wind sensor which is installed on the top of the generator as it is an important point in the first figure.

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