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A Wind Turbine as an Electricity Generator in this Era

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Oct 30, 2016   #1
WRITING TASK I (Unit 5 Page 56)

The diagrams show about a process of generating electricity which produced by wind and where are the generator spot most appropriately to be placed. Overall, a wind turbine can be placed in nearby or far away from of settlement areas, but certainly the energy is produced will be different depend on its location which positioned.

Additionally, a wind turbine is made from some equipment which usually consist of steel tower, blades-fiberglass or wood, a wind sensor tool for controlling speed and as detector of wind direction and also a computer for receiving information from wind sensor. Actually, the process of a wind turbine is simple enough. First, the wind which blow will make the blades rotates until the wind sensor focused on the wind that have maximum speed and position accurately to produce the maximum energy or powerful generator.

In this case, the spot of wind turbines position also very influence to the electric output. However, the wind turbine which has been placed in offshore or in hills have higher powerful energy rather than if it is placed in the settlement regions with electric produced are 1.5 mega-watts : 100 kilowatts respectively.

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Jordansimons 3 / 4  
Oct 30, 2016   #2
... generating electricity which is produced by wind and whereare the generator spot are most appropriately to be placed.

maybe you can try, this one as well.

The graphs appear about a procedure of creating power which is delivered by wind where the generator spot are most suitably to be placed

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