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I wish to still attend classes together with my friends; to ease the pressure and burden of studying

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Feb 22, 2015   #1
Hi there!

I think the essay that I made is quite to long, but I hope that you can still give me some helpful advice to improve my writing. Thank you all in advance.

Attending classes offer a number of advantages. Still, many others want a tutor so they are given more attention. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Education has considered as one of the major components to be successful in life. One must have good credentials to be hired in a prestigious company, which people can be acquired by either attending classes or tutorial at home. Some says that lectures offer from different learning institutions have a wide range of benefits. On the other hand, others still considered home studies so they can focus more. I will discuss and elaborate these two views.

There are several advantages of studying at school, one of these is team work and collaboration with other pupil. Students can form a positive bond with their classmates that could enhance their learning experience. For instance, group study where they can share ideas. Moreover, school also offers abundant supply of materials and resources that can aid every young learner to address their subject matter easily. In my point of view, I considered that every lesson given to various school can be effective or not depending on who delivered it and what kind of condition each classroom have. In my experience for example, I graduated from one of the public school in my home town and I could say that it was not a conducive place for learning. I remembered that we used to had 100 pupil in one room; furthermore, sometimes the lectures was quite boring too, especially if the professor was not an effective speaker. Thus, aside from good sides, there are also some drawbacks of school classes.

Nevertheless, many still prefer home teaching due to its additional benefits. Youngster can focus on their study and given more attention because there is someone who can monitor their progress. Also, tutorial provides additional exercises and advanced lesson concepts to help young individuals improved their skills whether he or she is achiever or does not excel in class. My mother was my very own private tutor when I was young. Whenever there was some topics that I could not understand, she will make sure to explain it to the best that she can. In my opinion, it does not mean that some people choose to have a tutor because they do not want the knowledge they can get from certain institutions. It is the excellent way of teaching that makes the parent and also the student to want it.

Overall, both sides have considered equally essential and efficient for individuals growth and development. For me, I wish to still attend classes together with my friends so that to ease the pressure and burden of studying.

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