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Today, women no longer feel the need to get married due to strong financial capability. Do you agree

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Jun 18, 2022   #1

women's decision of marrying or not

In today's world, it is a ubiquitous propensity among women that they choose to live alone and delay their engagements. Some people attribute this situation to their strong financial capability but I firmly disapprove of them.

There are several reasons that can explain why marriage still performs an indispensable service in females' lives. First and foremost, families have a meaningful role in maintaining fertility. They help prevent the issue of an aging population as well as assure the labor sources, which are pressing concerns nowadays in the world. For instance, Japan today has to face a problematic trend is that there are more and more the young select to celibate. That leads to the severe deficiency of workers and the low speed of economic growth.As a result, various sectors of this nation have to rely on migrant employees for fulfilling the job market requirements. Besides, tremendous happiness can be brought to a spouse once they start a married life. Additionally, it is irrefutable that men and women are equal at work places and women possess increasingly high salaries. This acts as an efficient method for them to shoulder the serious financial burden with their husbands as well as improve families' living standard. Last but not least, a huge amount of sentimental value is vividly offered by families. When living with loved ones, women stand golden chances of being given much affection, sharing joy together with sadness, and getting rid of lonely feelings.

In conclusion, marrying or not is the own decision of each woman but it is essential to consider thoroughly as it has enormous effects on their entire life.
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Jun 18, 2022   #2
Do not overstate the opinion presentation by using an emotional response. This is not an extent response essay. Use the suggested response format at all times. Show that the discussion instruction was understood by limiting the response to the required format.

The first sentence of the prompt restatement does not reflect the orginal discussion points accurately. Scoring deductions will apply for the unrelated discussion topic. These sorts of information will not be deducted if included as a part of the opinion reasoning presentation.

The presentation requires a 4 paragraph presentation. Further deductions will be added due to the incorrect paragraphing format. Though the discussion will be awarded points based on relevance, correct paragraph formatting, as a scoring requirement was not followed.

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