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300 Word Analysis of Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken"

Aztec1 1 / 1  
May 17, 2012   #1
Approximately 300 word analysis of Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Not Taken". The analysis is purely to focus more on themes, but also how each theme is conveyed using techniques. Could you take the time to check/review my analysis and give any advice if possible. Thanks in advance.

The major theme in Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" is based on choices and life decisions that may or may not contain risks involved. The speaker in the poem is travelling and comes upon a cross road or a fork-in-the-road, whom now faces the tough task of choosing whether to follow the path that has a greater or smaller risk. As the narrator's tone becomes more dark and mysterious, the applied tension increases and emphasises the important decision to be made. This is also shown at the last stanza where words such as "sorry" and "sigh" make the tone of poem somewhat gloomy and reflects the amount of risk that could occupy in the decision made. Meticulous examination of both paths provides insight on the different and similar characteristics involved, where the use of symbolic imagery is evident. "And having perhaps... grassy and wanted wear..."The vivid imagery and symbolism of the path as "wanted wear" highlights how decisions can create a sense of curiosity and adventure through the risk that may involve in taking the path. Through that risk, leads to the continual difficulty of making life choices in the future and the agony of ambivalence that arises in the decisions made.

As the story progresses, the narrator becomes more independent in his own decisions and less dependent on other people's influences in the choices they make. Taking the less travelled path provides strong evidence of the increase in self-esteem and independence of the speaker. Audiences can identify this change in the narrator through the line, "I took the one less...made all the difference", where the use of unusual sentence structure presents a reflective tone of the speaker that he/she feels relief of the decision. This degree of confidence employs a sense of admiration and liberation towards the choice of taking the less travelled path, where the implication of high risk high reward, generates.
xitrona 4 / 11  
May 19, 2012   #2
hey I am also major in literature :)
so far, that's the analysis of the poem.
you exlplain it well.
" the writer chosed the different path then the other people did before.
but he does not regret it even just one bit. because it has made different in his life. and consider it as an experience too" .

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