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WRITING ESSAY (500-700 words) - Discuss the drawbacks and benefits of stress

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Feb 2, 2020   #1
Topic: 'Some people regard stress as a significant threat to humans' physical health and recollection. Others, however, believe that stress creates positive effects on one's performances.'

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

the effects of stress on people

In modern society, stress has become a common part of people's lives. According to Hans Selye in 'Stress in Health and Disease' (1976), stress is defined as 'perception of threat, with resulting anxiety discomfort, emotional tension, and difficulty in adjustment' (Fink, 2010). While many people argue that stress is seriously detrimental to individuals' physical health and recollection, others take the view that it has a beneficial influence on one's mental performances. From my perspective, the drawbacks of stress have somehow outweighed its merits.

On the one hand, stress creates positive effects on one's mental performances. To be more particular, mental performances can be enhanced by a short-term stress response, which is caused by states of arousal, excitement and anxiety. For example, in the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), after acknowledging the effect and developing a sign of short-term stress, students had better performances (Dhabhar, 2018). In this case, stress appears in the form of motivation, and therefore favourably impacts the improvement of one's academic outcome. However, stress is likely to be converted into pressure in most situations, such as examinations or competitions, hence leads to weaker performances. It can be explained by the excessive amount of stress given to test-takers and competitors. In fact, significantly remarkable performances are effectively delivered only when stress reaches a sufficient amount (Adaramola, 2012). It appears that one should maintain stress at an adequate level to produce positive results.

On the other hand, stress is believed to be a significant threat to humans' health in terms of physique and recollection. In the first place, stress induces damaging consequences to one person's physique. When the body is stressed, muscle tension may occur and cause a trigger to body reactions as well as stress-related disorders (APA). According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, stress produces much of severe damages to one's body by causing various types of diseases, namely heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, which generally cost people a great amount of money as well as time and effort to recover from.

In addition, stress is proved to adversely affect one's memory. Worse long-term and working memory can be attributable to greater recent life stress exposure (Grant et al, 2017). As a matter of fact, in many circumstances, individuals are reported to be lack of the ability to recall information. For example, many of my classmates who perform well in class on a regular basis, often receive an average score in end-term tests. It results from self-unconditioned stress when taking examinations, which leads to the failure to remember learned knowledge. Consequently, people hold a firm belief that stress is one of the most compelling reasons for weak performances.

From my point of view, both arguments have their own merits. Nevertheless, I am of the view that stress offers more harm than benefit. One reason I take this position is that apparently, only short-term stress stands a high chance to be advantageous. What is more, short-term stress is only able to function efficiently with a sufficient amount, which can hardly be measured. However, in most cases, despite the severe damages it causes to human beings, stress appears to be unpredictable as its symptoms are vague. Also, a specific type of medicine and treatment are yet to be discovered. If no long-term solutions are proposed, the alarming number of mortality from this disease will unceasingly increase.

In conclusion, while both views are commonly held in society, I believe that the disadvantages of stress have somehow outweighed its advantages. This is because stress tends to induce immense suffering to not only physical health but also the memory of a person. Given this situation, it is recommended that stress should be maintained at a sufficient amount in order to help people deliver the best performances.

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